Pantone prediction

Pantone Prediction: What Color Palettes Designers Will Choose In 2017

The most anticipated things in the world will include Kardashian’s next post on Instagram, Star Wars upcoming movie sequel, Lottery results and Pantone color of the year announcement. For 17 years now Pantone has created a hype around this news such that it remains a topic of hot discussion among design communities for months. From […]

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Female Graphic Designers

How Technology Became The Voice Of Female Graphic Designers In A Man’s World

Putting yourself out there ain’t an easy job, especially for a woman in a man’s world! Females have strove to escape gender discrimination in the world of design, and the struggle is ongoing. However, technology has given leeway to female graphic designers to voice their visual expressions to masses. It has undoubtedly been a long […]

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20 quotes women in business

20 Quotes From The Mighty Female Business Warriors

Women from around the world have taken great strides against all odds in the business world. There is still a long way to go but 24 % of all senior business roles is nothing short of amazing. Note that in 2015, this figure was a mere 2 percent. However getting to a senior position is […]

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misunderstood business terms

Misunderstood Business Terms Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford To Ignore

“Cost cutting…I mean cost control…uh… cost cutting.” We’ve all been there before. You know what you want to say but the wrong words just seem to pop out of your mouth, and you wish you’d just shut up. Could be, you have too many ideas bumbling in your mind that you wish to convey to […]

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Successful Graphic Design

Successful Graphic Design Agencies Owned By Women ‘Not’ Men

Women aren’t worth a penny! Is this what you’ve been hearing all your life? Well, that’s not true if the haters wish to know. These mentally strong and emotionally anchored individuals are exceptional at whatever they do. The notion that the graphic design industry is male dominated is in fact a bitter truth, although women […]

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