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The Financial Shift Towards Digital Marketing In Retail Sector In 2017

Undeniably digital marketing spend for the retail sector is all set to increase across all channels for the coming year. In the past few years, marketers have witnessed a marked increase in marketing spend for both online and offline channels in the retail sector and the trend continues to grow. Some marketers have already spent […]

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Storytelling – The Tale of Customer Conversion

“The universe is made of stories not of atoms” – Muriel Rukeyser A quote that signifies that universe is filled with millions of stories. If a story stands out in that crowd, it’s worth the applause. Now the tricky part is to get the story just right. To come up with a story that represents […]

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Webinar - Logo Design

Webinar – Logo Design: Behind The Scene

This time around the webinar discussed some of the basics of logo design – an idea that appears simple once completed but requires several crucial steps in the making. Logo Design – Behind The Scene The webinar conducted on 14th March 2017 delves into the much-needed basics of the logo design process. As it turns […]

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How Ecommerce Store Owners Can Minimize Abandoned Shopping Carts

When online shoppers visit any ecommerce website and put items in their online shopping cart but leave it before moving on to purchase those items is the basic case of shopping cart abandonment. Obviously it’s a nightmare for ecommerce store owners who are losing 67% of sales because of this. Besides, shopping cart abandonment is […]

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Committed To Solving Design Hitches – Webinar Launch 2017

Ladies and gentleman, 2017 has been a year of lots of surprises already. After the successful launch of GuruChats, we have another exciting news. LogodesignGuru has recently conducted the first webinar hosted by Wajeh Kazmi, Head of Design & Quality Control, associated with LogoGuru Corp since a decade now. It was a one hour session […]

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Timeless Wordmark Logos And Their Story Of Success

Giving character to characters: typefaces have a Jekyll and Hyde effect on words, and today the range of personalities available is greater than at any time in the past. It means the same font can show a vastly different character when used in one logo to another. The most crucial role for a designer is […]

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