Bored of the clichéd branding and marketing ideas? Well, this article provides assistance in designing a great brand introduction for your clients. Marketers endeavor in implementing healthy branding ideas. However, some nail it right while others fail it. This slideshare will benefit designers, marketers and business personnel alike in analyzing their own strategies and self-locating their status in the market.


As per my observations, marketers talk about their brands incessantly, whereas, they should let their consumers make all the noise in favor of their brand. Question is how? Well first of all one should study popular brands and their marketing strategies. For instance, McDonald and LG have used retention technique. Probably that would be suitable for your brand as well – So why not go for it and try?

McDonald Logo and LG Logo

Another popular strategy is launching better campaigns. For instance, Coca Cola’s "open happiness" got viral because it was a powerful idea. However, despite getting a positive response, it is still recommended to revise these campaigns every 6 months as the consumer thinking keeps evolving. It is good to keep a track of consumer behavior by continual market research.

Coca Cola

Similarly, brands should also provide room for personal association with people. It is always good to incorporate an emotional element in your product that people can easily relate to. For example, Puma presented its vision as, "Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative".

Puma and Fair Honest Positive Creative

Also Starbucks added a personalized touch to their brand with tagline, “Pour your heart into it”.

Pour your heart into it

Moreover, it is important to see which brands failed and the reasons that lead to their failure. For instance, Dior and Pepsi terribly failed with celebrity brand endorsement. Hence, it is important to take note of their branding blunders. In this presentation, you will find 5 unmatched branding blunders that you would not want to repeat. :)

However, if you scrutinize the similarities of successful brands that nailed the opportunities, you will see that they were all different, yet focused and relevant.

Explore what your brand is exactly missing and then beat that hurdle. Good Luck!

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Shyrose Vastani

This post is written by Shyrose, a digital media marketer, visual media blogger and researcher who has written zealously on technology and trends. Currently, she is associated with Logo Design Guru Corp., which is contributing to the growing industry of designing.