Presidential Debate 2016

Personal Branding Face Off! Hillary vs Trump 2016 Political Campaign Analysis

Who proved their mettle? I bet this year’s election wouldn’t have been entertaining if Donald Trump wasn’t a presidential candidate. And what makes elections 2016 ‘sweet and sour’ is Hillary Clinton on his back like a hump on the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. In this head-to-head combat that reminds me of the Game of Thrones, comedians […]

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ugliest color pantone 448C

Corporate Branding Using The World’s “Ugliest Color” – Is It Possible?

Is the “ugliest color” too hard for you to handle? No worries, because what’s known as the ugliest color in the world, is in fact, not ugly at all! The Pantone 448C, also known as opaque couché is associated with things like tar, poop, death, dirty and sewage. However, I strongly disagree. It is a […]

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Airbnb in Brandspotlight

Airbnb in Brandspotlight – Serving Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Market In Temporary Lodging

Airbnb emerged as a lodging alternative for professional and leisure travelers that has outsmarted the traditional competitors in hotel and hospitality business. The ground reality is that Airbnb has already managed to capture a fair share of hotel industry. This startup served as the pioneer of peer to peer market that has never been spotted […]

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Airline Travel Just Got Better – Unconventional Marketing Gimmicks For Millennials

Millennial travelers have (almost) conquered the travel industry, and businesses such as travel agencies, hotels, and airlines are jazzing up their marketing gimmicks. How? They’re using unconventional methods to charm the young, aspiring and exploratory globetrotters who crave “experiential traveling”.   The Generation Y cohort travels for three main reasons: leisure, business and a combination […]

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Charm your American and European Millennial Audience: Digital Branding Tactics For Travel Agencies

Who doesn’t like traveling? I know I do. We’re human beings, and we love to socialize and explore. During the holiday season, such as in summer, both international and domestic travelers buzz across the world in an aim to discover new cultures, meet their loved ones or attend business meetings. Unlike any other generation, the […]

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Gen X vs Y – Factors Shaping Consumer Behavior

Retailers and marketers tend to segment potential customers according to geography, demographics, psychographics but all that is not enough. They need more insights to understand consumer behavior shaped by the environment and modern technology. Marketers are trying to gauge unique behavioral patterns of consumers. This will enable them to identify their potential buyers and design […]

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