#DesignerSpotlight – Learn How A Brand Is Made From Walter Landor

Landor, originally from Germany, grew up during a time when Werkbund and Bauhaus movements influenced the design world. After graduating from Goldsmiths University of London, the young and aspiring designer helped found Industrial Design Partnership, a design consultancy firm. In 1939 he visited the United States to attend a design fair in New York. In […]

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#DesignerSpotlight Michael Bierut: Secrets To Designing A Winning Logo

What is graphic design? The best possible way to understand this practice is with the wisdom of experienced designers who haven’t only learned graphic design but have lived it. One such person is Michael Bierut. Let’s know him, his journey and what can we learn about graphic design from him. Bierut is an influencer that […]

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Steven Harrington

#DesignerSpotlight: Steven Harrington Addresses Social Ties with Playful Visuals in Branding

What makes a visual design captivating enough to be recognized? Its aesthetics — and Steven Harrington is effective at grasping attention with this quality of design. While today, everyone’s involved in searching for a striking idea, there are some designers who simply want things to look visually pleasing. I have seen artists produce all kinds […]

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Stefan Sagmeister

#DesignerSpotlight: Stefan Sagmeister Breaks Design Boundaries

Stefan Sagmeister is a renowned Austrian typographer and graphic designer famous for co-founding the company Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. in New York with Jessica Walsh during the early 1990s.

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#Designer Spotlight - Neville Broody – the pioneer of the punk rock effect in typography

#DesignerSpotlight Neville Brody – The Punk Rock Effect in Typography

“An electrician isn’t an opinion former, but a graphic designer is. My argument is that all graphic designers hold high levels of responsibility in society. We take invisible ideas and make them tangible.”

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