republican logos

Personal Branding Goof Ups! 10 Republican Logos That Didn’t Win

Does your logo affect your personal branding as a presidential nominee? Sure it does! While you may think that propaganda will score you points, you’re wrong if you completely rely on it. Demonizing your competitor and glorifying yourself is a useful technique but when you’re building a personal brand you must get a “good looking” […]

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Democratic Logo Designs

10 Democratic Logo Designs That Depict Personal Branding Excellence

In every four years, the presidential campaigns splits the US into the left wing and right wing supporters. This interesting quest for the white house keeps the respective supporters engaged who want to see their candidate win the election. However, very few electoral candidates rise above the image of their representative party. Studying the US […]

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red logos inspiration

Red Logo Inspirations! Foolproof Tips For You

What comes to your mind when you see red? While some people associate red usually with danger and love, there is much more to this color than just that. Red is a powerful color, in fact an energetic one, which impacts people on both cognitive and emotional levels. If you own a brand, then you […]

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Logo Design

Journey to the Center of Film Production Logos: Exploring Common Traits

Remember watching Wizard of Oz after hearing the amplified sound of MGM’s Leo the lion’s roar? It surely gave me goosebumps as a kid! At the time, I didn’t understand the purpose of this dramatic opening. In fact, I didn’t even know what this unusual imagery meant. After years of watching a boy sitting on […]

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Logo Animations

Uncovering Symbolic Brand Stories – Logo Animations With A Narrative

We live in a time when brands offer more than just a business value proposition. They offer a sense of belonging and connectivity and the process starts even before the customer notices a brand. A simple logo identity is what brands are aiming for. Perhaps that’s the biggest challenge for designers. Besides the exception of […]

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#Whatif Minimal Logotypes Get A Retro Makeover!

Seeing that most brands are literally “stripping” their logos to attain a minimal look, I thought let’s reverse this process and show you how they look in vintage and retro styles. This actually means how the logo designs will look when we add graphic elements to them such as long shadow, outlines, and 3D effects […]

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