Logo Animations

Uncovering Symbolic Brand Stories – Logo Animations With A Narrative

We live in a time when brands offer more than just a business value proposition. They offer a sense of belonging and connectivity and the process starts even before the customer notices a brand. A simple logo identity is what brands are aiming for. Perhaps that’s the biggest challenge for designers. Besides the exception of […]

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#Whatif Minimal Logotypes Get A Retro Makeover!

Seeing that most brands are literally “stripping” their logos to attain a minimal look, I thought let’s reverse this process and show you how they look in vintage and retro styles. This actually means how the logo designs will look when we add graphic elements to them such as long shadow, outlines, and 3D effects […]

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Real Estate Logo to Design a Powerful Brand Identity

How to Use Your Real Estate Logo to Design a Powerful Brand Identity

Barbara Corcoran, an American businessperson, suggests that you can’t just keep on working “without spending an equal amount of time and attention on building your brand. It’s what in the end will get you the most money and equity for your business.” The real estate industry has given birth to several billionaires over the years […]

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Color Palettes

Brand Your Landscaping Company with 50 Color Palettes of America

We’re already overwhelmed by the 50 states of America – a country so vast, multicultural, progressive and successful. Why am I telling you this? If you are a local landscaping company in any of the fifty states then it’s nice that you reflect the characteristics of that place in your branding and marketing. This way […]

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The Missing Element in Uber’s Logo Redesign

What’s round and hexagonal in teal and maroon? Definitely not Uber app’s logo, or is it? Image Source When Uber launched its new logo – circular for riders and hexagon app icons for partners – I bet it didn’t expect such negative responses. Apart from causing confusion for loyal users, it has downright lost its […]

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logo redesigns

10 Brands That Ought To Redesign Their Logos In 2016

Ah what a year it has been! From major logo redesigns such a Google, HeinzKraft, etc. to minor rebrands like Facebook, it seems like everyone is in a rat race to present their logo concept and get it imprinted in the minds of their customers. In 2015, brand rivals followed each other zealously just to […]

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