Millennial Entrepreneurs

7 Traits That Sets Millennial Entrepreneurs Apart

Millennials tend to believe in the impossible and are the biggest reason for changes in our corporate culture. They’ve been exposed to some of the most difficult challenges from the economic frontiers. In tough times, their resilience has proven that this generation has an overall positive attitude towards life. Some millennial business owners have also […]

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holiday micromoments

20 Ways To Supercharge Your Micro Moments with Holiday Shopper

Are you super excited for yet another biggest holiday of the year? Yes, I’m talking about Christmas – the snow, the delicious deserts, loads of presents and increased sales for e-commerce businesses. But wait a minute, you can’t boost your sales for digital buyers unless you supercharge your holiday micro moments. This is why I’ve […]

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Killer Email Marketing Tactics

Killer Email Marketing Tactics For Ecommerce This Holiday Season

An average person checks their emails 74 times in one day. Yet it’s surprising to see marketers on the back foot when it comes to managing active email marketing campaigns during the holiday season. But active does not mean aggressive, you don’t have to shoot 10 mails in a day. It means you should be […]

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female graphic designers

Are Female Graphic Designers Underdogs?

I’m a woman and I know it better! If your’e thinking this, you’re not wrong. It’s not a filtered feminist perspective but a bitter truth women have been swallowing since design came into existence. Females always have to struggle to reach a milestone in the design industry. And even when they do, they hardly get […]

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20 quotes women in business

20 Quotes From The Mighty Female Business Warriors

Women from around the world have taken great strides against all odds in the business world. There is still a long way to go but 24 % of all senior business roles is nothing short of amazing. Note that in 2015, this figure was a mere 2 percent. However getting to a senior position is […]

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Movie Poster Designs

Minimal Movie Poster Designs Are Ho-Hum. Keep It Real!

Nowadays, minimalism is the “thing” but I find minimal movie posters are boring and soulless. I like to keep things real, impactful and relatable. Do you think otherwise? I am the kind of person who is more impressed with a design reflecting or rather flaunting a designer’s skill, time and creativity than something that is […]

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