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Immeasurable Power of Storytelling – Rogue One Poster Design Inspirations

Can you tell a story? It may sound like a simple question, but the philosophy and technique behind storytelling is far greater than any type of communication. A global and traditional activity, which is a prominent feature of a constantly evolving society that relies on shared cultural activities. Among the many ways of storytelling, a […]

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Will MasterCard’s New Logo See Another Dawn?

Or will it be pulled back just like the one released in 2006 that went through some serious bashing? Only time would time would tell how this new logo pans out. From the looks, we can say it’s here to stay but judging from the logo redesign history of MasterCard, we can never really be […]

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new Netflix logo

What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

The cool thing about letter marks and symbols is that they can mean anything to anyone. For some, the Pepsi symbol is a smiley face, while others see a guy with a huge belly. There are endless possibilities to denote a visual; it only depends on your eye. Do you remember the time we went […]

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Instagram Revealed A Redesigned Logo Icon & Its Very First Goof-Up!

With the latest logo icon redesign Instagram joins the league of silly goof-ups! It’s only been 5 years since this photo-sharing app was founded in 2010. While other similar apps just phased out, Instagram became the most popular social media platform. After getting acquired by Facebook in 2012, it has been in news multiple times. […]

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Need A Graphic Designer To Make Ads Or Facebook Canvas?

With the introduction of “Do It Yourself” design tools such as Adobe Post and Canva, there was already fire among the graphic designers as they felt these amateur programs cannot replace them. But their feelings don’t matter it seems, because new tools are still coming in the market. The point isn’t to replace designers, the […]

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The Missing Element in Uber’s Logo Redesign

What’s round and hexagonal in teal and maroon? Definitely not Uber app’s logo, or is it? Image Source When Uber launched its new logo – circular for riders and hexagon app icons for partners – I bet it didn’t expect such negative responses. Apart from causing confusion for loyal users, it has downright lost its […]

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