The Science of Typography in Packaging to Grab Customer Attention

Why use typography when a picture can speak a thousand words? This notion is not entirely applicable in packaging, at least. In your package design, you need a balance in design. This equilibrium is created by using visual elements along with written material. Together the two define and refine your product package design. In graphic […]

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Spread Love this Valentines With 10 Stunning Fonts

Jazz up your visual marketing material for Valentines this February! But how to add the aroma of love in your content? While all visual elements play a major role in making an ideal design for your campaign, I’ll focus on fonts. Some fonts are simply awe-inspiring, and leave your audience mesmerized if used wisely. Also […]

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A Typographic Spur in the Digital Age

“Type is part of a story,” says Highsmith. “The typefaces you choose can help tell that story.” The evolution of typography dates back to ancient times, when people first began communicating through stone carvings. Beginning with hand-engraved lettering on stones, typography moved to paper and printing during the medieval epoch, where it was recognized from […]

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Did you know most Disney movies have their own Fonts?

I have two kids under the age of 10 so I tend to watch a lot of animated movies. I may not be up-to-date with the PG-13 and above (rated) movies out there but I know my Disney characters. So when I began to research the connection between fonts, businesses, brands and the current trends […]

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Branding: The Importance of Custom Fonts in 2014

If you thought that the competition for your business niche was fierce in your city or in your country, in the digital environment, it is a whole new world…a world that is globally competitive. It is a lot harder to leave an impression when your users perceive you as ‘just another company website’. This is […]

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