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Here I am, all snuggled up on the couch sipping away at my cup of coffee and I wanted to share my love of coffee with my readers. So today’s post is all about warming up to the weather and I intend on getting you in this mood with two dozen creative coffee logo designs!

Here is a unique coffee logo collection with designs that will literally make you want to sit at a coffeehouse and enjoy the experience. Enjoy the logos, some of these were created by designers from our very own design community.


Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

Coffee Logo

I’m off to grab another cup of coffee. Hope you are feeling a bit warmer after viewing this collection. ‘Till my next post I hope you are able to stay warm this winter!

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Hope you enjoyed the video; share your opinion with us.

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*This post was originally written by Alexis Stone. 

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  • Frederik

    Really nice logo’s. That Mondo logo rocks. Who made that one?

  • Will Nash

    Great inspiration! I think the first logo is kinda awful, typography wise. But some real creative logos here!

  • Alan

    Nice already shown these to a client as examples for designs :)

  • Michael

    For some reason, coffee shop logos are one of the best logos to design. Nothing technical, just enjoyable.

  • Amy

    Some beautiful designs. Love the idea of the ‘world class coffee’ coffee stain, but type doesn’t quite work, could do with a little more impact, other than that it’s my favourite – interesting how Mudd Cupp tries to use the stain idea as well, but completely fails to pull it off.
    Type in Devehoys is amazing, love the impact of the shapes and sizes of the text.
    Not a fan at all of ‘Expresso’, but purely because enough people wrongly pronounce espresso as it is.
    Coffee Mug has a nice logo.
    Would love to see some of these incorporated into websites!

  • Shreya

    Nice logo’s, i liked “coffee mug”the most

  • Martin

    Love the Coffee Nerd logo! Good job! :)

  • A3Media

    These logo inspirations are brilliant! Thanks!

  • orlydesigns1

    Very nice logos! I love D’ Cups and Coffee Time. Thanks for Sharing!

  • Wubbleyou

    A very good collection, when it comes to logos like this you can’t beat keeping it simple!

  • website company

    very nice examples specially “crush coffee”. one

  • Calvin

    Well, these have made me feel suitable inadequate. Absolutely fantastic. I shall definitely be coming back here regularly for inspiration.

  • aliciakkag

    All of your logos are good in my point of view the top 2 logos i,e. the Jungle Coffee and the cyber coffee logos are just awesome

  • Jason

    I really like the Crush logo design, but they are all very well done. Thanks!

  • Glen

    I love the grunge style of the Crush Coffee one, and also the World Class Coffee logo. All brilliant though, very inspiring – thank you.

  • Lars

    Fantastic. Just what I needed for af cafe web site :)

  • Brushstroke Media

    Good collection, I’ve been designing logos for 3 years now but I have only had corporate projects and I haven’t actually designed a coffee shop logo yet, think I might have to have a go at it. Good inspiration, cheers

  • Time

    Well done! Wonderful logos!