Buying behavior

Millennial Shoppers Are Picky: Identifying Buying Behavior On Mobile For The New Year

Millennial have surpassed generation X in population and more than one-in-three American workers are millennials (18-34). Hence the largest workforce in the US is that of millennials. They are sharp, active and team builders. Their sheer size and purchase power indicates that they are not just consumers but a vital force that will shape the […]

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storytelling for SMB marketing

Storytelling Techniques for the Holiday Season: Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

Storytelling has forever been used to engage audience whether in the home, at school or in the corporate boardroom. My mother narrated stories to me of courage, pleasure, achievement, sadness, and magic while conveying the subliminal lessons she wanted me to learn. That was when we bonded emotionally as well as intellectually. And so, each […]

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