Gen X vs Y – Factors Shaping Consumer Behavior

Retailers and marketers tend to segment potential customers according to geography, demographics, psychographics but all that is not enough. They need more insights to understand consumer behavior shaped by the environment and modern technology. Marketers are trying to gauge unique behavioral patterns of consumers. This will enable them to identify their potential buyers and design […]

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16 Fascinating Visual Marketing Techniques

Make Your European Hotel Millennial-Centric – 16 Fascinating Visual Marketing Techniques

By 2020, millennials will spend more on travel than any other generation. These individuals are spontaneous, exploratory and tech-savvy. The good news for you is that they love traveling to exciting new places, more than once a year. They’re in constant wanderlust. Isn’t this an awesome opportunity for your European hotel? With our “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” visual […]

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Instagram Revealed A Redesigned Logo Icon & Its Very First Goof-Up!

With the latest logo icon redesign Instagram joins the league of silly goof-ups! It’s only been 5 years since this photo-sharing app was founded in 2010. While other similar apps just phased out, Instagram became the most popular social media platform. After getting acquired by Facebook in 2012, it has been in news multiple times. […]

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Global Communities

#StartupSpotlight: Building Global Communities with Social Impact Enterprise Model

In a world of natural calamities, political strife, social disparity and religious upheaval, the word “building” seems to have a different connotation, synonymous with impossible. Whereas the 20th century had been about corporate greed and profiteers, today’s business environment is more focused on opportunities beyond the limitation of resources; organizations work to find and exploit […]

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10 Ways To Help Millennials Plan Their Trip

Millennials are shaped by technology, raised in crisis, enjoy unique ways of self-expression and are unwilling to compromise personal life to the extent that their previous generations did for their jobs. They are tech-savvy, good at multi-tasking, optimistic and advocate diversity. One of their most profound interests revolve around traveling and exploring new cultures and […]

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