new Netflix logo

What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

The cool thing about letter marks and symbols is that they can mean anything to anyone. For some, the Pepsi symbol is a smiley face, while others see a guy with a huge belly. There are endless possibilities to denote a visual; it only depends on your eye. Do you remember the time we went […]

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#Whatif Minimal Logotypes Get A Retro Makeover!

Seeing that most brands are literally “stripping” their logos to attain a minimal look, I thought let’s reverse this process and show you how they look in vintage and retro styles. This actually means how the logo designs will look when we add graphic elements to them such as long shadow, outlines, and 3D effects […]

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#DesignerSpotlight: Ethan Marcotte – Is there a future in Responsive Web Design?

I don’t know about you, but I feel that it’s become our habit of inventing terms and practices, finding the pros and cons before finally posing ‘the ultimate question’ – what is our future in ‘this’? It is, a vicious cycle that moves us forward, brings us back to where we were and then start […]

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10 Quirky Father’s Day Greeting Card Ideas

Do you remember the time when you were stuck in a situation and there was only one person you could count on? The man who is always ready to pay college fees even when he’s on a tight budget teach you (bashfully) about periods as a single parent protect you from ruthless bullies at school […]

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Graphic Design

#Designer Spotlight: David Carson – Screw Graphic Design Degree, You’re Good On Your Own!

I love graphic design and I have no degree in it. So what? I’ve come across several people, my own family, in fact, taunting me and questioning me – “why don’t  you do your Bachelors or Masters in Graphic Design?” At the time, I had no answer ready to throw back at them and win […]

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13 College Websites That Hold A Record For Interactive User Experience

Gone are the days when prospectuses used to be the first access of the would-be students into any university or college. Today all thanks to the internet, people can get a virtual tour and the students can view all the updated information. Without visiting the college facility, the budding learners can easily get a glimpse […]

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