Logo Animations

Uncovering Symbolic Brand Stories – Logo Animations With A Narrative

We live in a time when brands offer more than just a business value proposition. They offer a sense of belonging and connectivity and the process starts even before the customer notices a brand. A simple logo identity is what brands are aiming for. Perhaps that’s the biggest challenge for designers. Besides the exception of […]

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Get More Students! Landing Page Layout Techniques For Your College Website

What happens during spring, fall, summer and winter? No, I am not making you revise the seasons. In fact reminding you that around these times, students make important choices and fill college applications for admission, student loan, library services, meal plan, room accommodation as well as to subscribe to monthly magazine, register for on-campus jobs […]

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Eid Posters And Card Designs

Creative Eid Posters And Card Designs From Around The World

Iconography, design and art transcends all boundaries. Art is indeed a form of expression that cannot be claimed to be theirs by any single nationality of culture. When we witness Eid greetings and Ramadan wishes posters, the spirit of middle-eastern culture remains dominant. Now it’s not the case this time around. Various designers from around […]

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YInMn Blue Change

Mad Scientist At Work – Can YInMn Blue Change The Meaning Of Famous Logos?

Was this a result of a chemical reaction or a planned strategy to what people call a “discovery” of yet another blue? So as a logo design company, we’re always experimenting like mad scientists. We wondered what can we do with this striking blue. [Thinking] … Oh, yes! Let’s see what happens to (blue) logos […]

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Graphic Designers

What Type Of Designer Are You?

Designers might not easily share their inspirations but they tend to share some attributes. Sometimes, they get similar habits despite being associated with a very different creative profession. However it’s interesting to note that some of those characteristics are actually nurtured as a result of their work nature and they proudly call it an occupational […]

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new Netflix logo

What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

The cool thing about letter marks and symbols is that they can mean anything to anyone. For some, the Pepsi symbol is a smiley face, while others see a guy with a huge belly. There are endless possibilities to denote a visual; it only depends on your eye. Do you remember the time we went […]

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