misunderstood business terms

Misunderstood Business Terms Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford To Ignore

“Cost cutting…I mean cost control…uh… cost cutting.” We’ve all been there before. You know what you want to say but the wrong words just seem to pop out of your mouth, and you wish you’d just shut up. Could be, you have too many ideas bumbling in your mind that you wish to convey to […]

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ugliest color pantone 448C

Corporate Branding Using The World’s “Ugliest Color” – Is It Possible?

Is the “ugliest color” too hard for you to handle? No worries, because what’s known as the ugliest color in the world, is in fact, not ugly at all! The Pantone 448C, also known as opaque couché is associated with things like tar, poop, death, dirty and sewage. However, I strongly disagree. It is a […]

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Successful Graphic Design

Successful Graphic Design Agencies Owned By Women ‘Not’ Men

Women aren’t worth a penny! Is this what you’ve been hearing all your life? Well, that’s not true if the haters wish to know. These mentally strong and emotionally anchored individuals are exceptional at whatever they do. The notion that the graphic design industry is male dominated is in fact a bitter truth, although women […]

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Untitled design (3)-min

Shigeo Fukuda – The Secret Recipe To Become A Poster Design Master

“There is no secret ingredient.” Mr. Ping from Kung Fu Panda Yes, but there is a secret recipe! It is not the ingredient you use that makes you stand out among the rest, but the techniques and the process you choose to make your creations. For example every artist may use a pencil (ingredient), but […]

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Movie Title typeface evolution

Movie Titles Typeface Evolution Through The Decades

When you settle on your seats in a movie theatre with popcorns in your hands waiting for the movie to start, do you notice the fonts? Hardly anyone does. Unless you are a typographer, designer or a lettering expert. However, you will surely notice the use of odd fonts that do not fit the movie […]

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Movie Poster Designs

Minimal Movie Poster Designs Are Ho-Hum. Keep It Real!

Nowadays, minimalism is the “thing” but I find minimal movie posters are boring and soulless. I like to keep things real, impactful and relatable. Do you think otherwise? I am the kind of person who is more impressed with a design reflecting or rather flaunting a designer’s skill, time and creativity than something that is […]

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