horrifying fonts

10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Goosebumps!

It was an eerie night when I woke up to finish a design I was making for a client. I got off from the bed in pure darkness hoping not see the dolls in my room come alive. That night the dogs were howling, which was creepy enough for me. I kept looking back to […]

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republican logos

Personal Branding Goof Ups! 10 Republican Logos That Didn’t Win

Does your logo affect your personal branding as a presidential nominee? Sure it does! While you may think that propaganda will score you points, you’re wrong if you completely rely on it. Demonizing your competitor and glorifying yourself is a useful technique but when you’re building a personal brand you must get a “good looking” […]

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Personal Branding Mishaps By The US Political Campaigners – Slogans Gone Wrong

In their attempt to be politically unique, some politicians often get weird with their choice of words. While they are politically incorrect on multiple occasions, what leaves a permanent dent on their personality is the choice of slogans. It’s not just the opposition that toys with the original slogan, sometimes the campaign supporters like to […]

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Presidential Debate 2016

Personal Branding Face Off! Hillary vs Trump 2016 Political Campaign Analysis

Who proved their mettle? I bet this year’s election wouldn’t have been entertaining if Donald Trump wasn’t a presidential candidate. And what makes elections 2016 ‘sweet and sour’ is Hillary Clinton on his back like a hump on the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. In this head-to-head combat that reminds me of the Game of Thrones, comedians […]

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packaging design affects brand

Boost Your Brand Image! Packaging Design Trends Prediction For 2017

“In the absence of any other marketing messages, our packaging – comprised of the trademark, our design, color and information – is the sole communicator of our brand essence. Put another way – when you don’t have anything else – our packaging is our marketing.” – Philip Morris Packaging has the power to make or […]

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Democratic Logo Designs

10 Democratic Logo Designs That Depict Personal Branding Excellence

In every four years, the presidential campaigns splits the US into the left wing and right wing supporters. This interesting quest for the white house keeps the respective supporters engaged who want to see their candidate win the election. However, very few electoral candidates rise above the image of their representative party. Studying the US […]

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