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5 Essential Things Designers Should Know About Colors

Color Essentials Graphic Designers Should Know

I gave you a brief insight into the world of colors in a previous post, starting from color history to color psychology. Now, I want to educate you regarding the technical side of colors that needs to be offered to be a successful graphic designer. Remember that this field requires extra research, experimentation and practice. 1. The Color Wheel There are three sectors of the wheel. They are called the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary includes:  Red, Yellow & Blue   These are the three central colors from which other hues are derived. These three colors are unique and cannot be created through a ...

25 Ways to Spot a Graphic Designer

Recognize a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are possibly the coolest and weirdest people on Earth … in a good way!  Today we give you normal people twenty five hints on how to recognize a graphic designer. Those with these characteristics may just be a graphic designer: 1. Stares at every logo design he/she comes across for longer than 5 seconds. 2. Gets overly enthusiastic when talking about colors, shapes, fonts and design. 3. Will take a long time with a restaurant menu to admire colors or to even criticize the design, fonts or image placement. 4. Owns a tablet, an iPhone, a net book and a desktop PC, all ...

Summer Olympics Logo History: 1992 to 2012

olympics logo

The 2012 Summer Olympics are just around the corner. London, the only city in the United Kingdom to have ever hosted the Olympics, will soon become the only city in the world to have hosted the modern Games of three Olympiads. As the world eagerly anticipates the event and what the future beholds for participating Olympians, one must also appreciate and acknowledge the history of this event. Olympic logos are extremely popular and one of the most anticipated pre-Olympic events that people the world over look forward to. Every Olympic event is associated with its very own logo. Today we will ...

MycroBurst’s Multilingual Webinars

multilingual webinar is raising the bar again! We’ve achieved a new milestone in designer interaction, multilingual webinars! Webinars are important for information gathering and bringing different views and opinions under one platform. Given our ever-expanding graphic designer community, which recently exceeded 35,000 registered designers, we felt it was necessary for us to utilize webinars in order to assist our designers. Since our talented community spans over 100 countries, we felt the need for multi-language sessions. This will help to convey our message more efficiently and to understand our designers’ points of view. The First Two Multilingual Webinars MycroBurst’s first two webinars were for the ...

Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Design Knowledge

affordable and cheap solutions for design knowledge

Staying competitive in today’s market is a mandatory requirement for all working professionals, graphic design is no different. Designers have to be on top of their game if they are going to survive in this cut throat job market. A very basic and fundamental way of staying competitive is by being on top of the latest developments in your field of expertise. In other words, improve your designer knowledge. We are highlighting 5 very simple and cost effective methods that graphic designers can use to improve themselves as expert craftsmen. So without further ado, here they are: 1.    Follow the Gurus Graphic design ...

Derivative Design Concepts – Drop it like a Bad Habit

derivative design concepts are bad

Every profession comes with its own code of ethics, rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times. Graphic design is no different. In fact this is one of those rare fields where ethics and moral values are just as important as artistic skill and creativity. There is no room for logo theft or plagiarism whatsoever; such practices are fiercely looked down upon. The Curious Case of Derivative Design Concepts Lack of skill and imagination in any field will lead to shortcut approaches. The same is true for the graphic design arena and derivative logos are one example of a ...

5 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Graphic Design Project

online graphic design project

As a general rule of thumb, a good graphic designer should ask as many logical questions as possible about a particular online design project. The more they know beforehand, the better off they will be in producing a concept that the client will appreciate. The very first step is to seek answers by gathering information. An elegantly laid out design brief will take care of most of these questions. However, designers should always keep their creative trait active and inquire about subjects that may or may not be covered by the client in the project brief. In this post, we will highlight ...