Minimalism in Logo Design is the Trend of 2014

The MIT Technology Review has listed their 50 smartest companies of 2014 thus far, and it provides a startling case study of the trends in logo design pertaining to successful and brand rich companies. These are companies that are either ...


Color Me Wrong

Lately, I have been reading a lot about the use of color, the emotions of color, what color brands should choose and so on. What has been missing from the conversation is the manner in which color should be used. ...


Design your Dad the Gift of Time

It’s hard trying to get the ‘Greatest Ever’ gift that reflects the thought. There are just so many times a cute tie, quirky cufflinks or a favorite perfume can be given. So what do you get your ...


Is the FIFA 2014 Logo Prestigious Enough to Represent the Competition?

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 coming up it really would be blasphemous to write about anything other than the various aspects of the competition, and the controversies surrounding the 2014 logo is definitely news worthy. The Story ...