Killer Email Marketing Tactics

Killer Email Marketing Tactics For Ecommerce This Holiday Season

An average person checks their emails 74 times in one day. Yet it’s surprising to see marketers on the back foot when it comes to managing active email marketing campaigns during the holiday season. But active does not mean aggressive, you don’t have to shoot 10 mails in a day. It means you should be […]

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ecommerce holiday

No-Nonsense Techniques To Prep Your E-Commerce Website For The Holiday Season

Ho ho ho, what a year this has been! Conversational commerce, social selling, and virtual reality pave the way for e-commerce businesses to enter a realm of a highly social and digital world where as Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite suggests dwell the Generation C mindset. For such an audience, you need to prep your website […]

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Political Logo Techniques

[Video Guide] Kickass Political Logo Techniques: Designing Better For A Leader

First of all congrats America you have a new president! Looks like Donald Trump’s personal branding strategies won. This news is Christmas for some and for many Halloween isn’t over. Nevertheless, the point is This year’s election proves anyone can become the President of America. Keep your name in the list for next time. If […]

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web trends 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Web Grid And Layout Trends To Blast Through In 2017

Blending form and function in a web layout requires consistency. The complexity level of the information to be presented could vary and that dictates the different web page layouts. The resulting layout has to strike a balance between the design elements. Now a grid-based layout is user-friendly because it categorizes information in a way for […]

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horrifying fonts

10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Goosebumps!

It was an eerie night when I woke up to finish a design I was making for a client. I got off from the bed in pure darkness hoping not see the dolls in my room come alive. That night the dogs were howling, which was creepy enough for me. I kept looking back to […]

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republican logos

Personal Branding Goof Ups! 10 Republican Logos That Didn’t Win

Does your logo affect your personal branding as a presidential nominee? Sure it does! While you may think that propaganda will score you points, you’re wrong if you completely rely on it. Demonizing your competitor and glorifying yourself is a useful technique but when you’re building a personal brand you must get a “good looking” […]

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