• Naoh Sameul

    Very nice post

  • Michael

    A really good post about Summer Olympics logos. Like Olympics there logos always hold a lot of importance and are discussed worldwide among the designing circles.

  • Eddie Raines

    Every famous logo has its own history and time by time variations remain applying which makes the logo primeval to the modern one. As far as the Olympic logo is concern, some people said that it is the symbol of two names which are like “Nazi” or “Zion” and some are saying it is the logo type of the year 2012. Although the current logo is not too creative as compare to the previous Olympic logos but it makes lil bit sense well I think so…

  • samantha

    good information

  • Colin MacGillivray

    The 2012 logo is, according to Seb Coe, not a logo, it’s a brand. That’s why it discards the last 20 years unwritten rules- graphic icon above place and date with rings under (more or less).
    So it’s like the Nike swoosh or the Reebock motorway or the Adidas stripes. That’s the market for the London 2012 Olympic brand- young sports nuts.
    And it’s awful.

    • Alexis Stone

      @Colin Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you, the 2012 Olympic brand just isn’t good enough!

  • Barry

    i find it interesting how people don’t like the 2012 logo. i like the fact that it is not a quite boring traditional one like most of the rest. i think it reflects london as one of the most cutting edge, creative, forward thinking places very well. (i guess that is why so many people don’t like it.)

  • http://WWW.GMAIL.COM vijaya

    In olympic logo there are 5 coloured rings.each coloured ring indicates each country.can anyone explain which countries are those?