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What Will get you Banned from LogoDesignGuru and MycroBurst

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avoid being banned, banned from MycroBurst, LogoDesignGuru

LogoDesignGuru and MycroBurst values its talented designers and we want to help each designer benefit from our website. Unfortunately, there have been cases where we have had to ban designers from our community for violating very important rules.

We hate doing that, thus we like to be sure to regularly educate our designers. We go over the basics of designing and provide guidelines to prevent embarrassing situations such as this.

I would like to explain a few issues that can result in a ban from LogoDesignGuru and MycroBurst.

1. Ignoring Our Rules & Policies

Don’t just read our rules, understand and familiarize yourself with them. In case of any confusion, you can always contact our customer support team for a clarification or ask on our Facebook page. Most of the time designers forget these important rules and unintentionally violate them. This results in a warning and maybe even a ban from our design community. These rules are meant to give you a professional edge and it is in your best interest to follow them.

2. Abusing Other Designers

LogoDesignGuru/MycroBurst is a professional platform and abusive language, sour words or harsh comments will not be tolerated. In case you have a complaint or a problem with someone over work related issues (like copied designs etc.) you can always contact our customer support to sort out this issues or report it instead of being abusive about it on open forum.

3. Disrespecting Contest Holders

Our platform is strictly professional and disrespecting clients will not be tolerated. Any designer found using offensive or foul language with contest holders or for them will be immediately banned from our design community.

4. Copying Design Concepts

We are strictly against copied designs as these are not only ethically wrong but professionally unacceptable. We strive to prevent designers from creating derivative work to save them and the clients from possible trademark infringement issues that could arise. Designers can immediately be disqualified and risk facing account suspension if they attempt to submit a copied design.

5. Creating a Fake Trademark Report

There have been a few instances where a designer would manipulate a winning draft and upload it elsewhere, reporting it as a trademark violation. This is done to defame a fellow designer and we do not tolerate this behavior in our community. Withhold your personal grudges and if you have any issue regarding a copied design, please report it and discuss it with support. Use a professional approach instead of opting for cheap tactics.

6. Using Wrong Software & Applications

Using wrong applications for creating specific designs is likely to lead to complications and unnecessary hassle. Designers should be aware that Adobe Photoshop is NOT an option because logos created in Photoshop are not scalable. Create logo designs in Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand or CorelDraw only. Use Adobe Photoshop exclusively for creating web templates.

7. Advertising for Business or Freelance Work

You may not advertise your business or promote yourself on our platform. We give opportunities to everyone and it would be unfair on your part to try and control those.

8. Abusing the Freedom of Expression

You have the right to express yourself but abusing this privilege will only hurt you in the long run. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Use our platform to express yourself, ask if you have a problem, help others when they ask for it and be a good sport. Do not abuse our forum by abusing other people on it.

9. Submitting One Logo in Multiple Contests

There are designers who attempt to submit the same logo design in multiple contests without realizing that they will be caught and expelled from all contests. If your design is chosen as the winning design in more than one contest, you will be disqualified for cheating and could be permanently banned from our design community. Only if you meet a certain criteria can you submit the same design to multiple contests.

10. Receiving a Trademark Violation

Receiving a trademark warning should make you attentive, it means that you cheated and we don’t entirely trust you anymore. Clean up your act. LogoDesignGuru & MycroBurst will ban a designer if:

  • A designer has received 3 warnings. S/he will be suspended for 3-7 days and this could result in a permanent ban.
  • A designer receives 1 trademark violation. This designer will be suspended for 3-7 days.
  • A designer receives 2 trademark violations; this designer will be banned from LogoDesignGuru/MycroBurst design community permanently.

We want our design community to benefit from our platform, which is why we continually educate our designers. Following the rules will also ensure a happy and successful time at LogoDesignGuru and MycroBurst!

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