graphic design career

Top 10 Video Marketers on YouTube and Their Advice about Graphic Design Career

Does the ambiguity about your graphic design career reign your mind? Yes, the time when you have no clue about what your next step should be. Whether you’re a graduate or someone with a knack for design, you know that the real world is far from the text book fantasy. These ten video marketers will […]

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Personal Branding

Aggressive Vs. Passive Personal Branding: Top Influencers’ Advice For Small Business Owners

A few decades ago, in the 1970s, personal branding for a business owner would have been going door-to-door, meeting people in the neighborhood, attending networking events and perhaps even travelling to conferences. In the digital age, the dynamics of personal branding are still the same but how we go about it has changed. For someone […]

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How A.I. Is Superseding HealthCare Customer Experience

The Medical Futurist, Bertalan Meskó acknowledges that artificial intelligence will greatly affect digital health in 2018. And studies predict that by 2022, A.I. in healthcare will become a seven to eight billion dollar industry. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing everything from the product itself to customer experience in many different industries including healthcare. It is unquestionably […]

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Artificial Intelligence

10 Smart Ways You Can Use Blue Logos For Artificial Intelligence Companies

Artificial Intelligence is the future of all technology and all industries. In the near future, AI will change the way we make our transactions, drive our cars, understand and work with medicine, and even employ design fields. This means if you are a company that deals with any sphere of Artificial Intelligence, you need to […]

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Ai healthcare startups

The Smartest AI Based Healthcare Startups To Watch For In 2018

The recent opening of Amazon’s cashier less store ‘Go’ has been making crazy rounds in the news lately. The store boasts of kind of bizarre atmosphere where visitors are welcomed by a terribly huge number of cameras and sensors keep a robotic eye on the public that is automatically billed before leaving the premises, nervously. […]

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Ivan Chermayeff Logos

#DesignerSpotlight Ivan Chermayeff – 10 Non-Technical Principles Of A Minimal Visual Identity Design

What is minimalism? A cliché font posing as a visual identity of a brand, nope! That’s not it. Perhaps the late Ivan Chermayeff, designer of iconic logo designs, can give us an insight into the world of charming minimal brand logos. Because, hey, aren’t we all trying to figure out how can we make an […]

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