Culturally Diverse Design Team

The Horrors Vs. Delights Of Leading A Culturally Diverse Design Team

Featured Image Source: Qvasimodo If you enter a room full of white skinned people, you think its “normal” right? And, when you see a room packed with a gradient of skin colors, your reaction is different. The same goes for a room filled with all-men versus one with all-women, or one with native speaking […]

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Jill Salzman

#StartupSpotlight: Winning With Jill Salzman Of The Founding Moms

Featured Image: Facebook/Jill Salzman Throughout the world, history is strewn with strong women who’ve been the pillars for their children, supporting them through thick and thin. The list goes on from Olympias to Sojourner Truth, from Mother Lu to Anne Boleyn. However, during the 20th century through the 21st, I feel there has been a […]

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Red and green logo design

3 Ways Logo Designers Can Break The “Red & Green Should Never Be Seen” Rule

Feature image source: iStock/ PeterSnow There are many “rules” out there about color combinations. Whether it is about wearing colors or using colors in the design, these rules make their way to us often. One such rule states “red and green should never be seen” together. We aren’t sure why this rule exists….it may be […]

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graphic design career

Top 10 Video Marketers on YouTube and Their Advice about Graphic Design Career

Feature Image Source: Freepik/@liravega   Does the ambiguity about your graphic design career reign your mind? Yes, the time when you have no clue about what your next step should be. Whether you’re a graduate or someone with a knack for design, you know that the real world is far from the text book fantasy. […]

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Personal Branding

Aggressive Vs. Passive Personal Branding: Top Influencers’ Advice For Small Business Owners

A few decades ago, in the 1970s, personal branding for a business owner would have been going door-to-door, meeting people in the neighborhood, attending networking events and perhaps even travelling to conferences. In the digital age, the dynamics of personal branding are still the same but how we go about it has changed. For someone […]

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How A.I. Is Superseding HealthCare Customer Experience

The Medical Futurist, Bertalan Meskó acknowledges that artificial intelligence will greatly affect digital health in 2018. And studies predict that by 2022, A.I. in healthcare will become a seven to eight billion dollar industry. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing everything from the product itself to customer experience in many different industries including healthcare. It is unquestionably […]

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