Disability Design

7 Inspiring Disability Activists Paving Our Way To Inclusive Design

We’re living in an outspoken world where nothing remains untapped anymore. Disability isn’t a new phenomenon, yet we somehow (for long) failed to recognize it and create for it – until these inspiring female activists spread the idea about inclusive design. 1. Elise Roy In the journey from being a lawyer to an inclusive designer, […]

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AI design

How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The Way We Design

The Artificial Intelligence business is up by 70% in 2018 and by 2022 it will become a $3.9 trillion industry, says Gartner. AI is by far the most disruptive technologies! It became an academic discipline in the 1950s and pushed itself into the mainstream corporate and commercial setting by helping humans with planning, knowledge, processing, […]

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Jack Ma VS Jeff Bezos

10 Lessons From Jack Ma VS Jeff Bezos On eCommerce Success

Alibaba and Amazon are both, inarguably, the greatest ecommerce giants we have seen. US-based Amazon is known for its revolutionary takeover of the e-Commerce world, and its superior business model. However, the Chinese Alibaba is not far behind –much younger than Amazon, Alibaba has caught up to the Seattle-based giant with such a fast pace […]

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Fashion And Beauty Brands

Fashion And Beauty Brands Embracing Diversity In Their Marketing Designs

You know, I always wondered ‘why’ everyone wants to be fair, or perfect for that matter. I’ve seen girls pat their face with layers of foundation to hide what they call imperfections. This practice isn’t intrinsic. It is a result of daft ‘standards’ implanted in our minds and it’s time to change this philosophy. The […]

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Forbidden Web Design techniques

10 Forbidden Web Design Techniques For UI Designers

Is it true that a website design can actually suck big time? Yes! If you’re practicing these ten forbidden web design techniques then you’re sure to fail. A bad user-interface design can become the top reason for customers bouncing off the website, let alone surf it. As a UI designer, you don’t want to create […]

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Flat Logo Designs

10 Reasons Why Brands Are Making Flat Logo Designs

Graphic design trends went through an evolution in the recent years which transformed the way we design and perceive things, most prominent of which is the tendency to convert brand logos into flat designs. Think about it – Taco Bell changed its decades’ old 3D logo into an icon flat as a tire. Apple’s grey […]

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