U.K vs. U.S.A: 10 Innovative Design Strategies

U.K vs. U.S.A: 10 Innovative Design Strategies

Over the years, companies and countries have developed a tradition of unique design techniques that have often become trends. This characterizes them in the world and differs them from one another. In order to understand this concept, it is essential that we make comparisons between brands, companies and countries to comprehend their similarities and differences.

Never forget! The fundamental rule of progress and eventually success, in general, is to explore, observe, investigate, and compare everything, especially all which is best and has the power to educate you or even influence you.

This presentation is a comparative study of two countries, often found paralleled and examined in the field of branding, designing and marketing, which revolutionized the world’s creative platforms — United States and United Kingdom.

Why U.S.A and U.K?

Why not?

The creative industry in the U.S. is thriving. It is the major drive behind the country’s progress, contributing over $690 billion to the country’s economy — approximately 4.32 percent of all its services and goods. Isn’t this a good enough reason for us to study more about this country?

While U.S.A is a mammoth of ‘everything design’, the U.K is equally talented.

As of January 2015, U.K’s design industry has contributed more than £8 billion to the country’s economy per hour! This sector has risen up 10% this year; and, undoubtedly, design is the key force behind this astounding success. How are the nation’s designers and marketers able to achieve this?

The secrets will be unveiled in this slideshare presentation! It will educate up-and-coming entrepreneurs, designers and marketers about what makes a design stand out and what lessons can be reaped from both nations.

Why is the focus design?

While content may consist of tempting text, statistics and images, they are useless for the brand’s identity if not presented in a visually cohesive and aesthetic manner. This strategy is crucial and considered to be the backbone of each brand.

All brands strive to be the best among the rest, and this has increased competition. Design is a crucial aspect of brand identity. Your design should portray your brand effectively; otherwise marketing disoriented content will have no impact on your target market. Simply putting content up-front won’t get your brand “thumbs-up” — you have to incorporate design principles and elements in your promotional piece to uplift it, create meaning, and most importantly have it noticed.

Why is this presentation for you

This presentation is an in-depth analysis of tactics used by British and American designers to enrich all kinds of marketing materials, including branding stationary to its related print, electronic and outdoor advertisements.

If you have an inquisitive mind that seeks “useful” knowledge or somebody from a similar field of work or education, then this presentation deck is for you! Understand and assess the design strategies of these two world powers, by browsing through it now.

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