10 Rules of Design Polish and Filipino Web Designers Agree on

Today, web design is a profitable and popular industry contributing billions of dollars to the creative economy of the world. Thus there’s an increase in the number of web designers over these years. Countries of the West and East are working towards making the web more technically and aesthetically appealing plus usable.

In USA alone, the annual growth in revenue generated by web design services is 4.9%. Moreover between 2010 and 2020, IBIS World expects an annual contribution rate of 3.6% to the overall economy of the country.

On the other hand, the web design industry in Europe is also growing. During the time when European countries, such as Poland, faced an unemployment crisis, professionals and emerging designers leaned towards the idea of freelancing and micro-enterprising. Due to this, graphic and web design industry saw a boom.

Focusing on Asia, the website design landscape improved long before anticipated by many. That continent is becoming known for web design outsourcing, which isn’t surprising because there’s no shortage of ingenuity and talent there. Also, the labor cost is affordable in countries like China and Philippines.

Purpose of Web Design

Saying that web design is a “part and parcel” of the flourishing internet landscape is not an overstatement. Presentation is important in communication — web design refines the appearance and deliverance of all that you’ve got to convey to people via text and multimedia over the internet.

Web design and all the related fields, actually, aim to enhance user experience. Your users are your profit in terms of brand value and earning. If web designers are able to satisfy users, then you can expect to make them your customers/clients, or cultivate positive emotions towards and connections with your brand.

Distinct yet Similar. How?

This is the aim of all brands and web designers all over the world, even in Poland and Philippines even though they are way apart geographically and culturally. Did you know Philippines was previously under Spanish rule for three centuries followed by fifty years of American influence? Despite this, the Asian country expressed its unique cultural identity through creativity in different sectors.

On the other hand, Poland’s cultural history and present can be divided into philosophical and artistic periods. While Philippines is all about vibrant colors, festivals and craftsmanship — Poland has a rich creative sense in classic literature, architecture, and music.

Despite the differences in Poland and Philippines, there are some similarities. They’ve contributed to the design industry with futuristic web template designs that get maximum engagement.

These web designers and the rest from around the world work to create new trends and innovative web design trends and rules to achieve many things, some of which are as follows:

• Maintain universal standards
• Enhance overall user experience
• Motivate designers to do better
• Innovatively market brand identity

Find out what the 10 web design rules, how they are achieved, and their effects on user experience.

10 Akin Web Design Rules from Poland and Philippines

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