15 Astonishing NFL Logo Tweaks

Image Source: nfl.com

It’s the fantasy world of football, anything is possible here. While the world wants to see their favorite teams in action, people try some derogatory monikers to irritate rival fans. We have something else in mind. Though there are some teams that need to properly revamp football logos, we have done some minor NFL logo tweaks to create a collection that defines the state of the team. Let’s see if the fans enjoy it or grit their teeth.

1. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

Image Source: detroitlions.com
Don’t listen to them, they are lion (lyin’). Just watch them dance. Sorry guys you’ve disappointed your fans; they should have named you Detroit kittens and your logo does it better.

2. San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers

Image Source: nfl.com

Or should I say San Diego Deadbolts. Let’s just hope they recharge and come up with more energy in the next season. Meanwhile as a symbol of goodwill, here’s what we think.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals

Image Source: azcardinals.com
A good number of regular season wins couldn’t calm this angry lot. Can they stop acting like angry birds? Maybe they shouldn’t. Guys just rev up your spirits and you will make it to the Super Bowl.

4. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

Image Source: buffalobills.com
Seems like Buffalo no-thrills have been cruising steady and without much action. Perhaps this new logo can add some kick!

5. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Image Source: seahawks.com
There’s been much ado about the tired looking eye in the logo for this NFC West Team. After giving a slight twist to that despicable neon green eye, and putting a smile on that face the hawk now resembles an expression that we normally witness when something goes wrong with this team on the field. Would the NFL Super Bowl champions enjoy this resemblance to their spirit?

6. Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins

Image Source: redskins.com
The team had a series of tough games but the calm and resolved display is commendable. Shall we give them a round of applause and play along to the music of game spirit?

7. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

Image Source: baltimoreravens.com
Unfortunately, this team does not enjoy a strong fan base as much as other AFC teams but they have a Jewel in the crown. You have guessed it right, Ray Lewis is the reason Baltimore Ravens still have diehard fans.

8. St. Lious Rams

St. Lious Rams

Image Source: therams.com

St. Lious Rams are ready to dwarf their opponents on the field this season. They have been through the highs and the lows but their exciting performance gave chills and thrills to the crowd. Enough said now, I will let the logo speak.

9. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Image Source: titansonline.com
The titans are a younger team and they have a long way to go. They have yet to establish a fan base and a profound logo. Perhaps adding a face to the logo might to the trick.

10. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Image Source: vikings.com
The self-aware and popular Minnesota fans have been playing around with their NFL team logo.

11. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

Image Source: miamidolphins.com
Miami minnows have had a series of embarrassing defeats this season. Will the dolphins break the losing streak or go back to working in the circus? Let the fans decide.

12. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs
Image Source: chiefs.com
It’s amazing how the fans enjoy a feast in the home crowd and the team does not deter even after losing. Such a showmanship of high spirits is rare. Bravo to the Kansas City Chefs (fans); somehow this makes me hungry for pizza.

13. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

Image Source: atlantafalcons.com
Atlanta Falcons can surely be counted as a consistent squad – they have been consistent at losing. But I would definitely give their fans a pat on the back for not getting upset on the team’s performance.

14. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

Image Source: colts.com
All fans are waiting to see a slight bit of damage in the playoffs, but the team went back to its sweet slumber. They have made it to the playoffs but that’s all folks! Show is over.

15. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

Image Source: denverbroncos.com
The Broncos emerged as one of the most dominant teams last season; but somehow they lost their good luck charm. We hope this tweaked logo can bring in some luck.

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