20 Twitter Accounts Travel Businesses Must Follow

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An estimated US$ 7,580 billion in GDP. 277 million jobs across the planet. These were the contributions of the travel and tourism industry to the global economy in 2014. It is the ideal time to be a travel business entrepreneur, for there are significant revenues to be generated, and massive profits to be earned. Yet, entrepreneurship is always risky, and thousands of businesses are launched every day only to fail, and become lost to obscurity.

So, what can you do to ensure you do not fade, but sustain your business, and grow and prosper in the tourism industry? You should look to those who have discovered the means for success, and to those who can help you on your journey to prosperity. In today’s age, such help can always be found on social media, and particularly on Twitter.

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We have, therefore, compiled a list of 20 Twitter accounts which all travel business entrepreneurs should follow in an attempt to learn how to stay up-to-date with their industry, market themselves effectively, attract an optimal amount of customers, and earn the maximum possible profits. Take a look then, follow these accounts, and make sure your travel business prospers not only this year, but for years to come.


The Association of Travel Marketing Executives [ATME] is a global non-profit association set up to provide travel businesses with the tools for success. It provides its members with a platform through which they can discuss increasingly effective marketing solutions as well as new, creative ideas for the promotion of the travel industry.

You, as a travel business entrepreneur, can benefit considerably from the ideas discussed, and the tips, tricks, and strategies offered in your own efforts to put your fledgling business on the map.

2. Travel Market Report

For the internet savvy travel business entrepreneur, there is no better resource than Travel Market Report. It is an independent forum, which serves the travel and tourism industry by providing extensive coverage of travel related news, and in-depth analyses of all the trends which are likely to affect your business. Follow their Twitter account, and ensure you know everything you need to know for a thriving bottom line.

3. Travel + Leisure

The Travel + Leisure Twitter feed, in their own words, is “your connection to the world of travel”. It is a wonderful resource for all travel business owners to discover new places to recommend to their customers, to know which destinations might prove negative experiences for travelers, and for a wealth of other travel related information.

Furthermore, they provide a wide variety of tips and tricks about various destinations, hotels and restaurants, the local cuisine, and even the different culture one can expect to encounter on their travels.

4. Yahoo Travel

The official Twitter account of Yahoo Travel, it is a must-follow feed if you wish to stay current with all the news and trends about the travel and tourism industry. It certainly doesn’t hurt your business if Yahoo Travel decide to re-tweet one of your posts, and until they do, you definitely benefit from everything they have to share.

The tweets they post include travel advice, recommendations for hotels, motels, and rentals, in addition to popular local hangouts, restaurants, museums, parks, and everything else under the sun your customers may appreciate during their journeys abroad.

5. Google Travel Team

In order to be successful at business, regardless of industry, today, you need analytics to assess how successful or otherwise each of your strategies and campaigns have been. There is simply no one better at the analytics game than Google, and no account better for you to follow than the Twitter of the Google Travel Team.

They provide a wealth of relevant and helpful data and statistics, in addition to industry news, all collected to help you, the travel business owner, to be better able to serve your customers.

6. BP Travel Marketing

No business today can succeed without proper marketing, especially not a travel business. Your promotional campaigns, your overall marketing strategy, need to be exquisite if you are to convince your target audience to do business with you, and BP Travel Marketing can help.

Follow their Twitter account, and benefit from a host of tips, tricks, and tactics designed to help you with your marketing campaigns, from email marketing to brochure distribution, and lots more.

7. Cellet Marketing & PR

Cellet are specialists at marketing and PR campaigns, particularly as they relate to the travel industry, and you simply cannot afford to not listen to what they have to say. You can hire them for their professional support to enhance your marketing process, or you can follow their Twitter feed for plenty of helpful advice.

For help with branding, marketing, public relations, and social media campaigns, and more, you need Cellet Marketing & PR in your corner as you take on the rest of the travel and tourism industry for a share of the market.

8. Travelista Marketing

Losing touch with clients in between the buying cycle has caused the downfall of many a business. If you wish not to be another casualty, you need the help of Travelista Marketing. Not only do they help you stay in touch, but they provide plenty of inspiration, and a healthy dose of ideas for your customers too.

Follow their Twitter, for Travelista can help you build stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers, and to even grow your client base so you stay competitive, and maintain a healthy bottom line.

9. Travel Massive

TravelMassive is, as the name says, a massive community for everyone belonging to the travel and tourism industry, and it continues to grow every day. It is a remarkable forum for travel business entrepreneurs through which to forge mutually beneficial business relationships with industry leaders, innovators, and insiders.

It is essential for new business owners to establish concrete relationships within their industry, in addition to searching for customers, and Travel Massive can prove to be an incredible asset for you in this regard.

10. NatGeo Travel

The modern consumer constantly expects new things, new experiences, and new adventures. If you allow your clients to get bored, it may spell doom for your travel business. The NatGeo Travel Twitter can help, with their stream of tweets about tourist destinations well off the beaten path.

Follow NatGeo Travel, and ensure you always have something new and different to recommend to your customers, even if it’s tips about what to carry for a summer adventure.

11. Daily Travel Tips

Since we are discussing tips and tricks, why not follow the Daily Travel Tips feed? You can learn, and then provide your customers with sound travelling advice, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your services. You may even pick up some great business and marketing insights from the tweets.

The Daily Travel Tips Twitter is maintained by Ramsey Qubein, a travel journalist for the BBC and a range of other publications, who has been to 156 countries, and flies over 350,000 miles per year. Who better to go to for travel advice?

12. Jowen Enterprises

Jowen Enterprises claim, through their mission statement, that they aim to educate entrepreneurs, teaching them how to become progressive small business owners. Exactly what you need, right? Their expertise lies in online marketing, and their Twitter is full to bursting with a host of helpful, insightful tips, tricks, and advice.

The Jowen Enterprises Twitter feed may not always focus on the travel industry, yet most of their advice can easily be applied to a travel business to its considerable benefit.

13. Entrepreneur

If you aren’t already following this Twitter account, and we can’t figure why not, you need to do it now. It is the resource to go to for all entrepreneurs in the world, regardless of their industry or location, and their Twitter feed always has remarkable advice, such as this:

The people behind Entrepreneur.com have been working since 1973 to inform, inspire, and celebrate entrepreneurs around the world.

14. Tnooz

A quite unique Twitter account, Tnooz works as the travel industry’s very own news bulletin, bringing to you all the latest happenings and events from the world of travel and tourism, with a particular focus on travel-related technology.

Tnooz helps promote newly established travel businesses too, so it really is a Twitter account that you need to follow and interact with as soon as you possibly can.

15. Digital Trip

A recent survey revealed how 47 percent of all travelers use mobile devices for maps and navigation. In such times, you cannot afford to ignore technology as travel business entrepreneur. Fortunately for you, there are companies like Digital Trip, which won’t let you forget.

Digital Trip offers a range of award-winning travel technology which helps you operate your business online in a fashion which allows you to compete with the giants of the industry. If you are still not convinced, their Twitter feed always has a healthy dose of tips, tricks, and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

16. Yelp

In the age of social media, word of mouth marketing can prove to be the difference between success and failure for your business. This is particularly true for the travel industry, where you absolutely need – no questions asked – your customers to give positive reviews for your services. Yelp can help!

Yelp helps people connect to local businesses, and if you can garner enough good reviews on their page, well then you are truly in business. Do not miss out on their Twitter account.

17. TripAdvisor

No matter how great your services, you can never run the risk of running out of recommendations for your clients. TripAdvisor helps ensure you never do, in addition to allowing you to plan the perfect tours and getaways for your customers.

Follow the TripAdvisor Twitter feed, and make sure you can plan for any trip, adventure, and experience your customers demand.

18. Zagat

It is not enough to recommend a destination, buy the air tickets, and send your customers on their way. To stand out from the rest, to offer the best available travel packages out there, you need to give your clients recommendations for restaurants and shopping, advice on local culture and lifestyles, and yes, even health and safety tips. Zagat helps you help your customers.

To be the best there is in the travel industry, you need to transcend expectations, and ensure your customers have an out-of-this-world travelling experience. For that and more, you need to follow Zagat on Twitter.

19. Restaurant.com

Cuisine is one of the most important factors behind an enjoyable travelling experience. Follow Restaurant.com’s Twitter account, and make sure you can always recommend the best food and the ideal dining experiences to your customers.

Restaurant.com has reviews, feedback, and suggestions for over 18,000 restaurants, and they continue to add more each day. Help your customers find the right bite, and then maybe you can even reward yourself with one.

20. Heather Poole

Flying is a major part of travelling today, so who better to help you and your customers on your journey than an extensively experienced flight attendant? Heather Poole is not just any flight attendant though. She is a regular blogger, tweeter, and wait-for-it, a New York Times bestselling author for her book ‘Cruising Attitude’.

Her tweets not only provide some very insightful travelling and flying tips, but are witty and charming too, and if nothing else, they will put a smile on your face. A must-follow Twitter account for travel business entrepreneurs.

Bottom Line

In 2015, even more so than in recent years, business – especially travel business – is all about social media, and online engagement with your customers and with other brands and companies. You simply cannot afford to not have a thriving social media presence as a travel business entrepreneur. So set up a Twitter account if you do not already have, follow these 20 accounts, and you will be well on your way to success and prosperity.

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