2015 AIGA conference: Opening Avenues for Emerging Designers

Do you dare to dream? It’s not a laidback journey to become a successful designer in the constantly developing creative landscape. Schools and books serve as theoretical buddies, but experience and networking is critical to understanding the realities of the design world.

Here is an opportunity to saturate your senses with creativity via the AIGA Design Conference. This time it’s being held in New Orleans, the largest metropolitan and port city of America, from 8th – 10th October 2015.

What’s AIGA?

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) was established in 1914 by a team of designers headed by Charles DeKay. Its members come from different communication design fields. The idea of Design Conference originated three decades ago with an aim to gather all those people passionate about art and design to share informative, provocative and inspiring experiences and ideas.

All those determined to become designers, this year’s event is for you! Check out why:

Develop a Captivating Portfolio

“A portfolio of work is a curated experience. It’s an applicant’s chance to shape the way that I’m viewing his or her approach, methods, process, and best thinking…”

Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp

Are you struggling to create a portfolio to spellbind your clients? No need to look anywhere else. Enlighten yourself with AIGA 2015 Design Conference as it presents hundreds of portfolio displays of budding designers during the “Happy Hour”.

This is why, it’s a fundamental step — your portfolio must stand-out. By observing how others have collected and displayed their work, you can evaluate what is required from a person anticipating to become a communication designer. Building a portfolio is like watering a seed of success.

If you want to plant your seed too, there is a lot more happening in this event to open avenues for you.

Check out the portfolio to know more.

Design Gossips Are Good

Nothing is better than sitting with design luminaires and legends to chat your heart out about design. I would spend hours talking to big personalities from the design and creative industries. The “Roundtables” at AIGA 2015 Design Conference gives you the chance to do so.

Among the 37 design stars awaiting to inspire you, here are some:

Doug Powell, IBM Design

A recipient of Fellow Award from AIGA Minnesota, as well as of Distinguished Alumni Award, Powell is a commentator and lecturer of design practices and issues. This year, he spoke at Offset Design Conference Dublin, and Beirut Design Week. Currently, he works at IBM Design as the Design Principal and leads an esteemed design program.

Surely, you can benefit from his experience and thoughts in order to learn about the developing design industry — a bookish perspective, as well as a professional one.


Michael Bierut, Pentagram

An educator, design critic and graphic designer, Beirut is a partner at Pentagram, New York since 1990. He is leading a team of designers working on environmental, editorial, and identity designs. He has won many awards for his outstanding performance, and his work is part of permanent collections at Washington DC Library of Congress, Museum of Modern Art, Denver Art Museum, and etc.

With his wisdom, as an upcoming designer you can garner heaps of information regarding brand identity design, especially if you want to work for clients.



Stefan G. Bucher, 344 Design

American illustrator, graphic designer and writer, Bucher created 344 Design. Also, he is the creator of the famous Daily Monster series which received worldwide recognition across social media platforms. His work was published in prestigious annuals; and was discussed at the AIGA, New York.

All those who desire a career in illustration, here is a chance to know all about the industry from the point of view of an experienced entrepreneur.



Bonnie Siegler, Eight and a Half

A graphic designer based in New York, Bonnie Siegler founded Eight and a Half studio in 2012. Prior to this, she founded Number Seventeen in early 1990s. Moreover, she has taught at School of Visual Arts, and Yale University. Moreover, she has been nominated among 50 most significant designers. Also, in 2013 she was AIGA’s chairman of design conference.

With her experience you, as an emerging designer, can learn the tricks needed to open up your own design studio.



Leyla Acaroglu, Eco Innovators

An Australian entrepreneur, social scientist, and designer from New York, Acaroglu is “The Un-School of Disrupt Design’s” founder — a studio where environmental and social change is tackled with design. She has spoken at many conferences, and she’s a scholar at New York University.

With her knowledge, all those interested in environmental design can benefit. If you want to become a designer in a similar field, then she can guide you.



Fun Learning Ways

For emerging designers, an engaging way to enjoy the learning of design is through workshops. AIGA offers this to you on 8 October 2015.

Although quite a few workshops are being conducted, we give you three that are beneficial for you.

Brand Therapy

Where ever you go, as a designer, you are ought to deal with clients. This workshop is a means to learn:

  • How to maintain a pleasant relationship with the clients
  • How to manage stringent clients and their restricted briefs
  • How to develop strategies to complete projects on time
  • How to balance points of view coming from you and client

Design at Scale: Ten to Ten Million Users

The IBM team has made sure that this workshop proves essential for you. Learn:

  • How to humanize design and increase its visual value
  • How to embrace brainstorming techniques for planning design
  • How to develop thinking tactics related to design
  • How to create large and small design formats

The Forgotten Craft: Designing Your Own Interactions

If you want to learn to communicate successfully through your design, then this workshop is for you. Get answers to following questions:

  • How to deconstruct communication elements
  • How to communicate successfully with visuals
  • How to present work both formally and informally
  • How is this approach affected by different frameworks

Learn this and more. Join AIGA Design Conference this year in New Orleans!

Mehreen is a social media buff and design blogger, who keeps a keen eye on graphic design trends. She has a passion for experimenting with design ideas, and wouldn’t mind if it means going out of her way to find them in Timbuktu. Follow her on twitter for daily inspirations and findings.

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