21 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Workspace Branding for Consumer Banks

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How do you ensure that customers choose your bank, and not your competitors’? Is it by offering better packages and services than elsewhere available in the market? You could offer the best customer service out there or spend millions of dollars in advertisement and marketing campaigns. You need all of that, and it helps – it really does – but it can only take you so far. Engagement is truly the order of the day and age, and all the millions in the world won’t help you if you don’t brand right, and engage with your target audience.

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Why Workspace Branding is Imperative for Brand Differentiation

You need to create an environment in your bank’s branches which not only attracts and welcomes your customers, but makes them feel comfortable and secure as well. A bank needs to project reliability, which stems from security, if you are to win your target audience’s trust. If you wish for them to enter your premises and conduct business, you need your workspace to scream welcome, comfort, security, and sophistication at your customers.

Today, with a market more competitive than ever before in history, if you don’t stand out from the crowd, your chances of survival are practically non-existent. Your solution? Brand differentiation. To be able to survive, to grow and prosper, to be successful, you need to distinguish yourself from the competition, and the first step towards brand differentiation is to design and brand your workspace in a way which is unique, and reflective of your goals and objectives, your ethics, and your identity.

To serve those ends, and to help you get your workspace branding just right, we have compiled a list of 21 inspiring Pinterest boards which should provide you with the creative spur you need to attract your clientele. Follow them, feast your eyes, get some amazing ideas, and revolutionize the look and feel of your bank’s workspace.

1. Banking Places and Spaces

If you need ideas on how to design your banking space, there is no better board on Pinterest to follow than Banking Places and Spaces. Some of the bank interior pictures pinned here will make you want to actually live in the bank.

Image Source: vectorstock.com

2. Dialog/Retail Banking Environments

A range of pins displaying a variety of banking environments. What more could you need for inspiration? The Dialog/Retail Banking Environments is a must-follow Pinterest board if you wish to better engage with your customers.

Image Source: vectorstock.com

3. Bank Branches Design

Need to design a bank branch? Follow the Bank Branches Design board and you will soon have enough creative ideas and inspiration to want to set up ten branches and more.

Image Source: vectorstock.com

4. Private Banking and Design

There is design, and then there is elegance. The Private Banking and Design board on Pinterest brings to you the best in elegant bank interior designs from around Europe.


5. Banking and Retailing

Find inspiration from the pins on the Banking n Retailing board, and watch consumers flock to your bank. The images pinned here constitute a veritable art gallery of bank interior designs.

Follow Chirawat Sp’s board Banking n Retailing on Pinterest.

6. 045 – Offices

Think outside the box bank for a moment. The inspiration you need for workspace branding doesn’t necessarily have to come from other banks. Take a look at other offices, and you’ll realize creativity abounds which you can easily implement into your bank’s design and décor.

Follow EA European Architecture’s board 045 – OFFICES on Pinterest.

7. Office Interiors

Every brick, door, and wall of your bank’s space is crucial when you set out to brand your workspace. For inspiration on how to get your walls just right, follow the Office Interiors board on Pinterest.

Image Source: vectorstock.com
Follow Andrew Fielding’s board Office Interiors on Pinterest.

8. Office

A range of breathtaking office spaces are displayed on this board, in stark defiance to the rather simplistic name of the board. Don’t let ‘Office’ fool you though, for there is plenty of inspiration to be found here.

Image Source: vectorstock.com
Follow Conny Wu’s board Office on Pinterest.

9. Front Desk

What is the first thing your customers are liable to see as they enter your bank? Your front desk, and Front Desk offers to you a host of creative ideas, helping you ensure you make a good first impression.

Image Source: vectorstock.com
Follow Oscar Esparza’s board Front Desk on Pinterest.

10. Best Cubicles

Well-designed, comfortable, innovative cubicles will not only impress your customers, but will encourage your employees to engage better too. Think as well about how much branding space all those cubicle walls offer to you.

Image Source: vectorstock.com
Follow Cubicles.com’s board Best Cubicles on Pinterest.

11. Office Spaces

You need to inspire trust through your workspace. Awe works just as well. Think big, think awesome, and discover how to get it just right by following the Office Spaces board on Pinterest.

Follow Natalie Martinez’s board Office Spaces on Pinterest.

12. Places and Spaces We Dig

The name of this board says it all, doesn’t it? To better engage with your clientele, you need them to ‘dig’ your place, and the spaces on this board are truly inspirational in their creativity and uniqueness.


13. Office Interiors | Work Spaces

The Office Interiors | Work Spaces board has everything you need for workspace branding as a consumer bank. The pins here exhibit spaces from waiting areas to service desks, and from reception halls to meeting and conference rooms.


Follow Adriana Rivero’s board Office Interiors | Work spaces on Pinterest.

14. Office Inspiration

Was ever a Pinterest board more aptly named? This is everything we have been talking about. Follow, be inspired, then get creative, and implement the ideas into your bank’s design.

Follow Alisa Heesakkers’s board Office inspiration on Pinterest.

15. Commercial

A breathtaking array of commercial interiors, each of which you wish was your very own, personal workspace. To brand your bank’s workspace so it is a delight to your customers, find all the inspiration you need on this board.

Follow Marin Curach’s board Commercial on Pinterest.

16. Office Interior

The Office Interior board offers a range of elegant, subtly awesome workspace designs. Each of the workspaces displayed here are designed to maximize consumer engagement – to make your clients want to visit your place of business.

Follow Mina Teng’s board Office Interior on Pinterest.

17. Modern Office Design

You need to stay current with the times, right? The Modern Office Design board helps you do just that, with a wonderful range of pins displaying tasteful, inspirational workplace interiors.

Follow TROIKA Germany GmbH’s board Modern Office Design on Pinterest.

18. Workplace

The Workplace board on Pinterest serves as a virtual guide to designing and branding your bank’s workplace. Not all the pins here are from banks, but the creativity and innovation on display are easily transferrable.

Image Source: vectorstock.com
Follow A HA’s board Workplace on Pinterest.

19. Bank Interior Design

Everything you need in one place. How does that sound? Great? Good, because that’s exactly what you will find on the Bank Interior Design board.

Follow IDY L’s board bank Interior Design on Pinterest.

20. Bank Design

We have talked plenty about the interior, but what about everything outside? Workplace branding begins from the curb – even from across the street. Not that pictures of the exterior are all that is pinned here. You will find interior design ideas on here too.

Follow Bank Innovation’s board Bank Design on Pinterest.

21. Bank

Bank. Simple and elegant, just like the exhibition put on by the pins on this board. The bank interiors displayed here are breathtakingly beautiful, and should help you get your workplace branding just right.

Follow Search Office Space’s board Bank on Pinterest.

Consumer banks, like other financial institutions, are usually not perceived as places which breed too much creativity. Customers almost expect bland and boring design and décor when they step into a bank’s branch. Imagine the impact you can have on them then, if you were to surprise them with an unexpected blend of inspiration, creativity, and sophistication through your workspace branding.

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