26 Type Based Logo Designs – Words at Play!

Bored of the usual clichéd logo designs? So am I! That’s why I decided to hunt for some inspirational and literal designs. Sounds different already? They are.

Most of us as designers don’t know the secrets to designing a real estate logo and think that a house symbol is necessary or that a shoe company must have a shoe in the logo. What if some of us are creative enough to create meaning out of the company’s name itself?

The collection I have here today includes twenty six logos that are original, unique and literal to the core. These logos focus largely on typography and symbols. The designers that have created these type based logo designs have used fonts in a creative way, making the company name stand out in a simple way.

Type Based Logo Designs

bar code mug logo

fountain pen nib hanging like bat

text written like buildings with cranes



Image Source: Letter H Logo by LogoDesign.net











Image Source: Letter I Logo by LogoDesign.net





Well, what do you guys think? Pretty creative, aren’t they? Let us know what you think!

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  2. This is a fantastic collection of logos! I will definitely be using your services when I next need a logo designing for a client. Thanks for sharing.

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