3 Ways of Using Web Design to Create Brands

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Designing a website is an artistic and cultural achievement. Not only you need to successfully and cleverly present the content that you’re getting out to your audience, but you need to find the audience that you’re targeting and create that message for them as well. This is essentially what will create a brand.

Not everyone online will be staying on your website for more than a few seconds. This can’t be helped. But what can be helped is the experience you give the audience that decides to stay and check you out. This is the audience you want to convert into clients and this is the audience that will in the end remember your product and if done right, create your brand.


“The online world, at any point in time, will be chock full of people. But not all of them will be interested in your product.”


Use the 3 sure fire ways given below to control your audiences experience in order to ensure the maximum impact and retention.

Fire way #1

Temporality: Controlling the length of time that your website needs to present its impact.

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This is a big one, and the temporality of a website changes dramatically based on the audience you’re looking for. For example, younger viewers tend to look for more encompassing, quick experiences. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, and then you have to keep grabbing it with fast chunks of information/entertainment.

The reason websites like Youtube and Reddit dominate these younger viewers is their endless time-wasting pits of entertaining and widely varied information that continually sprouts out of easy-to-navigate lists. It’s not built to be explored slowly, it’s meant to be absorbed voraciously. But for a more adult and professional audience, a different kind of web design is required. The thefwa.com website, for example, gives many different kinds of awards for web design and they use a great mixture of moving high-definition pictures and easy to navigate lists to make sure that all the time spent poring over the site is time well spent. It’s not for those with a frenetic lack of attention span, but they intelligently built their website around a different kind of time-frame-a longer one, so that they could attract the audience that matters to them.

Fire way #2

Motivations: Understand how and why your audience reacts.

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Your audience is a big fat amalgamation of lives, and the individuals all have their own issues, problems and reasons why they need everything. So understanding what your site provides in terms of what your audience is actually looking for should absolutely determine the way you approach your message. This can be done through text – explore what matters the most in typography. Investigating about logo design and ad campaigns could also help in approaching your right audience.

This, too, changes depending on the product or service. What you’re appealing to can be everything from ego to shame, and pro marketers know how to ruthlessly root out exactly the kind of effect they want their product to have. Paypal, for example, has covered New York Subway trains with the thought that “You want your money to move as fast as thought”. This is true! So of course it’s an excellent impression to give of their company. Advertise directly towards your customers’ needs and motivations, and don’t be afraid to boil down your concept into something the audience viscerally connects with. They’ll appreciate it, because if there’s anything the viewing public loves right now, it’s no nonsense and no extra flowery meaning when they just want to get on with their day.

Fire way #3

Familiarity: Create an Experience your Audience knows and loves

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This point is the basis of creating and marketing a brand…building familiarity. A place with which, your audience will doubtlessly be familiar. If you’re marketing your website towards a group of people who aren’t familiar with the Internet, I think it’s time to change your strategy. Explore the elements of branding through web design for assistance. Once you have, you’ll notice that people online have their favorite places to travel within it. You’re advertising to Youtubers, Redditers, Tumblerites and Facebookees. This is their world, and one of the ways you can create the kind of audience you want is by borrowing the kind of experiences they have on their other favorite places.

Research your audience, find out what they love online, and use that as a benchmark to integrate them into your site before they even step foot in it. Even if it’s dressing up your very different website with a very familiar window-dressing, people who already love that brand or experience will be more drawn to it. Use that to your advantage, as much as feels comfortable. You’ll attract a more specific kind of viewer for it.

The online world, at any point in time, will be chock full of people. But not all of them will be interested in your product. Overwhelming blandness will achieve passing views from almost everyone, but actual engagement from none. Looking at kinds of engagement with your website like temporality, motivation and familiarity will allow you to adjust your website to impact the groups that you feel will be truly grabbed by your product. Using these you can make your website a place that they will be immediately comfortable and excited, and that can be a key to gaining the recognition and popularity that you need.

Bottom line: Create a business plan and then focus on your corporate culture to create the web design. You want to ensure that the consistency of marketing remains similar from the first step to the last. Create a niche and stick to it, understand your audience and be ready to change when they start to change.

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