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7 Things that Will Earn You a Red Card on LogoDesignGuru

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Don’t know why you received a warning? Wondering why your logo designer friend was banned from our design community? Receiving a copyright warning from the design community about wrong practices is the same as receiving a red card. It should send enough signals to a designer for him/her to re-analyze their performance. For those who still can’t figure out where they went wrong, fret not! Today’s post is all about guiding you out of oblivion.

When submitting logo designs on LogoDesignGuru there are a few things all designers must avoid unless they want to earn a warning and be labeled as a cheat. Some of these things might seem trivial, but let us assure you that they are very important:

1.  Using Clip Art & Stock Images – NO! Avoid this at all costs. If it’s not your creation, don’t use it. Be Original and create your unique art.

2.  Using Free Graphic Symbols – They are free, meaning anyone anywhere in the world can use them. These free images come with all paid copies of the software so avoid using them!

3.  Using Overused Concepts – Using overused logo design concepts is neither creative nor original. It’s cheap and clichéd. You don’t want to be known as the copycat of our design community so come up with unique concepts.

4.  Using Abusive Language – Abusing fellow designers or clients on our platform will earn you a ticket out! Harsh comments and sour language will not be tolerated. If you have a problem, it is best to either report it to us or try to solve it professionally yourself.

5. Using Fake Trademark Report – Trying to defame another designer by creating a fake trademark report is ethically wrong and unacceptable. Those caught doing so will be immediately banned from our community.

6.  Using Derivative Concepts – If it’s not your original idea, don’t use it. Copying ideas from other designers or creating clichéd logos and submitting them as your own, even after making a few changes, is absolutely wrong. If you can’t come up with an original concept, don’t participate in the logo design contest!

7.  Using the Same Logo in Multiple Contests – Don’t attempt to submit the same logo in multiple contests. In your design is chosen as winning design in more than one contest, you will be disqualified for cheating and will be expelled from our design community.

Dear designers, we care about you and that is why our posts are aimed at educating you regarding the dos and don’ts of participating in logo design contests. We don’t want you making mistakes that will end up costing you your career and, more importantly, your reputation.


Logo Design Submission Guidelines – The Best Designer Practice!

Here are 10 things logo designers need to keep in mind when submitting their logo design drafts on LogoDesignGuru:

  1. Submit the Logo Design in Correct size of 2 MB max
  2. Logo Design Dimensions should be 186 x 135 pixels in 150 DPI
  3. PNG Format for Logo Design Draft is Preferable
  4. Add One Logo Design Per Draft
  5. Center Align your Logo Images before Submitting
  6. Use White or Solid Backgrounds for Logos
  7. Avoid Adding Borders to your Design Draft
  8. Use Original Concepts and Make them from Scratch
  9. Use Pantone Color Standard Only
  10. Read and Understand the Rules and Designer Guidelines


There you have it! Avoid doing the seven things mentioned above and you will not get banned from our design community, while our ten guidelines mentioned will give you an edge over other logo designers who submit haphazard designs without paying attention to rules on Logo Design Guru.

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