A B C of Fonts and Industries

Research has shown that certain fonts have an affinity to specific industry audiences. Sans Serif fonts are preferred for website text and least preferred for digital scrapbooking. Most online magazines use sans serif fonts while its least used in math documents. Serif fonts are preferred for business documents and also online websites but not associated with children’s documents. Script fonts are used for e-greetings, digital scrapbooking and website graphics. From Helvetica to the Futura font, modern display typefaces are found in website advertisements and website headlines while technical documents and computer programmers prefer the monospaced fonts. You can’t use just any typeface, there are ways to choose the correct font.

So what does this all mean for the various industries? How do they decide which typefaces work best for their industry?

To help marketers make better decisions and to ensure designers know their fonts we have created a small infographic that outlines the top five fonts preferred for the various industries. Use the graphic to find your preferred typefaces (as long as they are similar) and see how your audience reacts!

Fonts and Industries

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