A Special Thanks to our NJ Vets on Memorial Day

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For New Jersey, Memorial Day is the day summer begins and the activities begin along the shore. These include fireworks, festivals and special events that hail summer. It is a day that is bittersweet as people remember the soldiers who died fighting for the country and celebrate the survival of those veterans who returned home safely.

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a remembrance for all those soldiers who lost their lives as a service to the nation. Though there are various disputes as to where it originated; for me the importance of the day is not marked by who started it or why. What is important is the honor that should be accorded to the memory of all those that sacrificed their lives, and also to those who survived.

Joanna Fuchs, is a poet who has written numerous poems that honor our veterans, it is her poem ‘In Loving Memory’ that best describes the memory of all who have fallen.

In Loving Memory

On every soldier’s tombstone
should be a message of honor, respect and love:
“In loving memory
of one who loved his country,
who fought against evil
to preserve what is right and true and good.

Spotlight on Veteran Owned Business Manna Design Works, NJ

In NJ we are privileged to have a design firm that provides web and graphic design and creative marketing to the NJ area. Manna has been awarded Gold Medals and Honorable Mentions in the categories of Web Design, Branding, Advertising Services and Direct Mail Design for the 2008 & 2011 MarCom International Awards.

The company Manna Design Works is owned by Robert Harrington, who had more than five years of active duty in the army and many more years as a reserve. He started in the Defense Language Institute where he studied Czech and Slovak and began military service as a Sergeant in the Military Intelligence field.  Robert worked to support national security efforts as a voice intercept operator, a translator and finally as a part of the interrogation unit.

Though there are numerous businesses owned by veterans in New Jersey we found this one in the design field and felt honored to mention the success of the business within the field of graphic design.

NJ Veteran Resources

The State of New Jersey Website: Veteran Services : Maintained by the State of New Jersey this site has all the information required by veterans to successfully assimilate within the society after their return home.

United States Department of Veteran Affairs: The national website for Veterans Affairs providing statistics, analysis and critical information for veterans of the United States.

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs: State of New Jersey : This website is a guide to the details and descriptions of the federal and state eligibility requirements of various programs for veterans.

Special Note to our readers: Though we are a global design firm based in New Jersey, USA and our usual rhetoric is based around design, in this one instance we feel that our readers will understand that we have to do right by the veterans who survived and for those who perished fighting for the nation. This article is dedicated to all soldiers and their families-especially those who come from NJ. Thank you for your service. You are remembered.

Memorial Day Infographic

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  1. memorial day is a great day.

    it is great to have a day to remember those who have fallen for our freedom.

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