Adobe MAX 2015: Keys to Brand Design Success

Benjamin Franklin, a celebrated polymath, once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” It is through both traditional face-to-face and digitally interactive methods that you absorb knowledge about essential topics, software and skills.

Adobe MAX 2015 is such an event, where you can engage with 5000 plus individuals belonging to an array of communication fields. It’s an exciting annual networking platform for designers as well as those related to the visual field including graphic designers, brand designers, social media strategists, marketing professionals and writers etc. If it’s not THE event of the year, it’s a trending one, for sure.

About Adobe MAX

Adobe Systems Inc. holds Adobe MAX, every year, in Japan, Europe and North America to promote the company’s new releases and connect students, educators and professionals. Founded in 1982, Adobe is a well-known name among communication, media and design individuals and organizations. It is an American conglomerate which provides up-to-the-mark creativity and multimedia software that aid designers and businesses in their work.

This year is no different. Adobe MAX is happening in October 2015 and aims to educate and entertain its audience with a twist. Here are the lineups.

Key to Creative Inspiration: Exploration

Open yourself to innumerable ways, which will infuse your creative being with the latest design concepts and techniques. Also, expand your knowledge on the following: collaboration and communication, enterprise, branding and advertising, rich internet application, and devices plus mobility.

In order to achieve success and then maintain it through changing times, it is necessary to “listen”, here’s your opportunity. Renowned creative industry leaders will discuss their expeditions, work, and how their inspiration is driven by the community. Are you thinking, how will this help you? Present among the many speakers and attendees, will be three prominent professionals:

If you want to learn about improving your brand’s promotional electronic and web visuals, then Kuhrmann is the man. He can help you to better understand screen writing, production, direction, as well as audio and visual technicalities. Kuhrmann has produced films based on internationally acclaimed stories: Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, and Moulin Rouge.

If you want to learn how to build or improve your blog; tricks and tips on eye-catching photography techniques then Stanton, who is a famous photojournalist with millions of social media followers will inspire you to produce and market striking content.

Do you want to get insights about how art can be used in commercialism, crafts be sold using contemporary and creative ways; and what is needed in designing successful iPhone applications? There is no one other better than Luna, a writer, designer and painter who works from San Francisco. She is the founder of a collaborative e-commerce platform Bulan Project, where selected artists meticulously produce hand-made special edition craft. She is a great source of information for arts and craft businesses and newbies.

Key to Design Efficiency: Software

No matter how talented you are as a graphic and web designer, you have to agree that software make work efficient. An up-to-date version of Creative Cloud aims to connect you with paramount tools, essential for bringing your imaginations to life! Learn to interact via Adobe Creative Sync, and convert your innovative ideas into the greatest works produced by you.

Creative Cloud service is a hub for users to access a collection of graphic design, photography, web development, video editing, and web development software by Adobe. With several helpful workshops and sessions at Adobe MAX you can be of your brand’s successful sustainability in the competitive digital market.

Key to Resourceful Networking: Connections

For designers, marketers and entrepreneurs, it is crucial to build and maintain relationships with others that complement your vision, goals and skills. Through Adobe MAX, you can interact and compose a group of creative minds that will always be a source to keep you motivated in this ever-changing and cut-throat industry, and will help you with your projects.

By networking, not only do you learn and expand your connections in the creative and technical industry, you can exchange services. For example if you are a web designer attending the event, and you link with a coder then you can help each other in many ways.

Thus, this annual event is a great time to explore possibilities and trends, improve skills, and unite with ingenious individuals. This will assist you in developing striking image and stationery for your brand; and honing your personal and professional design and technical skills.

Get your tickets now, and start networking!

A philanthropist by nature, Shyrose Vastani is professionally working as a digital media marketer and visual design blogger. She is a visual media enthusiast with keen interests in research, business trends and graphic design. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about visual media and its impact on consumer behavior and people in general.

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