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Top 2017 A.I. Driven Website Design Tools For Ecommerce Business Marketing

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By 2020, 85% of your customers’ interactions will be with bots! I’m not just saying this. American research firm Gartner is. In fact, ecommerce giants like eBay, Zalando and Amazon are affiliated with nonprofit organization Partnership on A.I. to study and formulate best practices on artificial intelligence.

Gone are the days when we stuck to the basic attributes of web designing with limited coding; now we can create complex web experiences, especially for ecommerce companies that have an intricate business model and chain of operations. Some people feel that A.I. assistants and algorithms can help create and maintain an intelligent website to deliver a personalized shopping experience.



A cloud based website developer, which integrates artificial design intelligence to give people the liberty to easily create a web design for their online stores for example. You need to answer five questions based on their preference and business. Afterwards, algorithms crawl the web for data and inspirations to automatically build an editable draft of your site. The better the information collected, the more refined the design will be, shares Manager at Wix Nitzan Achsaf.

The Grid

The Grid

It’s all about machine learning and analyzing your business persona, preferences, and competitive websites to make design decisions it thinks are suitable for the particular e-commerce startup for instance. As the name suggests, this software works on a grid you select from its layout filter. Their A.I. web designer Molly makes a website based on the content you input in the tool. For an online buying and selling website, specifying a call-to-action, price and product information hints the builder about the nature of a business.



A website design tool dubbed as ‘people-machine team’ combines the wits of humans and artificial intelligence, with the help of Orchestra, “to create a new hyper-productive and more fulfilling work model”, says co-founder Nitesh Banta. Based on algorithmic research, a web design foundation is laid that can be edited, updated and optimized. The idea is to organize the workflow of a project to make the process of creation, testing and execution efficient, and provide a high-touch experience to visitors.

Sentient Aware


Web designing and development for retailers is about providing quality customer experience, especially for ecommerce business. Seo experts are already aligning product catalogues with a visitor’s needs and surfing activities. Nevertheless, the company feels that artificial intelligence will be a quicker way to create an interactive web experience to improve the buyer’s journey. This online learning tool understands “shopper’s intent based on their real-time and/or historical activity” so they say.

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Conversational commerce is one thing, and communicating with a chatbot like Sacha to make your website is another. In the online business, people mostly convey ideas and instructions on a video call or e-mail. The innovation to chat with A.I. for creating a web design actually does two things: a) removes the possibility of arguments, and b) good start for ecommerce startups just beginning their venture. All the HTML and CSS coding is done on the backend based on the content that is provided and the instructions given on its messaging app.

Adobe Sensei


Not to forget in the list, one of the most sought-after software company for design and creativity just stepped foot into the robotic world although the unnamed tool is still in process to be introduced to the public. It aims to combine Sensei (machine learning program) and Adobe Experience Manager to make designing a website easier based on deep learning. It will recommend graphic elements and allow personalization for bigger projects like ecommerce clients who have a hierarchy of steps guiding a visitor towards the point of sale.

Nonetheless, there are loopholes in the artificial design industry especially for ecommerce businesses that completely rely on their web presence since that’s the hub of their trade and marketing. To be honest, people haven’t fully accepted this phenomenon. Many ecommerce business marketers still rely on hand-made websites. The goal perhaps is not to trash human designers, but to incorporate these A.I. driven tools in the website design process because a bot, algorithm and any machine for that matter cannot work let alone exist without humans.

Will you use artificial intelligence or a human to design your website?

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