Announcing New Theme of the Week: Rebranding

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Last week at Logo Design Guru, we followed the theme of ‘Typography’ and got an excellent response on social media. We really appreciate your valuable contribution and hope to see your active responses this week as well. You can share your opinions about any aspect that interested you or any idea that defy you. Discuss with us your priceless feedback about the last weekly theme, where we also encourage suggestions on following week’s premise of ‘Rebranding’.

This week on Logo Design Guru, enjoy everything about rebranding and share your thoughts with us. We believe that today rebranding has a new face, which says, “If nobody is doing it, then it’s not trending. If anyone is doing it – then it can’t be right.”

Simplistic formula to take up before you even decide to go for rebranding is the ‘Careful consideration’ of why you actually need to rebrand? Most businesses fail to exercise this trick and jump into the zigzag without a second thought. There are numerous questions that occur when a business decides to go for rebranding.

So many brands decided to go for rebranding this year, where some had a positive feedback while others were demonized on social media. There are also some brands that need a logo redesign to rebrand themselves. Hence, we thought to discuss multiple brand experiences with you as well as highlight the epitome and candies for success of your businesses. Rebranding is an investment but watch out for paparazzos on the move, as they can toss your idea down on the emerging social media platforms.

Stay tuned as we will cater to all your queries regarding the subject. Also there is a lot that we are waiting to share with you about rebranding in 2014.

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