Tshirt Design

New Year Resolution T-Shirt Designs You Gotta’ Wear In 2020

Years pass and each passing year we have a list of commitments we make to ourselves. Of course, the aim is to fulfill them by the end of the last month that brings a ton of snow and joy. We seem to be putting these resolutions as our social media status or telling the world […]

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Logo Redesigns 2019

Top Logo Redesigns That Lit Fireworks In 2019

Oh wow, 2019 sure went by fast! We have witnessed winners and losers, plus those who broke conventions to those who remained in the cliché zone. All of us swung between the modern/simple style and the out-of-the-box aesthetics. Brands are designing logos that either explain too much or nothing at all. You can literally do […]

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Logo Design trends 2020

[Part 3] Logo Design Trends 2020 – Beyond The Basics

Did you check out the previous two logo design trends infographics? If yes, then you’ll know why I have called this one “beyond the basics”. If you still haven’t, run through part 1 and part 2 of the series to solve this mystery. And while others are checking that out, let us (you and I) […]

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[Part 2] Logo Design Trends 2020 – Symbols In Focus

Fresh out of the oven, the second part of our Logo Design Trends 2020 Infographic Series is out! Haven’t seen our Part 1 of Logo Design Trends 2020 infographic as yet? It’s a handy one for all businesses and designers out there looking to design or redesign a trendy logo. This time I have focused […]

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[Part1] Logo Design Trends 2020: Going Over The Basics of Visual Elements

There’s one thing I enjoy the most – discussing design trends. It’s as exciting as going on a shopping spree or heading on a travel expedition. Every year, there’s something new to explore in this thriving industry. My eBook on the Truth About Logo Design Trends scrutinized the peaks and pitfalls of the “trend business”, […]

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