botanical packaging

15 Knockout Botanical Designs For Organic Farm Products

Organic products are all the rage these days. Whether it is organic cosmetics, organic farm fresh produce or natural farm products, people are increasingly moving towards buying non-chemical, GMO-free, organic things. This is great news for designers –because you can boost the appeal of these products by engaging in unique, creative packaging. In fact, if […]

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purple and yellow logos

5 Different Meanings You Can Draw From Purple & Yellow In Logos

Colors are not static elements. All colors exude certain energy, and human beings pick up on that energy. This is why colors are able to elicit an emotional response in us. Be it in interior design, fashion design or logo design, colors can give us important emotional cues that play up in our subconscious and […]

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Summer Olympics Logo History: 1992 to 2012

Every Olympic event is associated with its very own logo. Today we will look back into the past at some of the most exquisite, Summer Olympic logos created over the last decade.

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affordable and cheap solutions for design knowledge

Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Design Knowledge

To stay competitive in the graphic design industry and to be on top of the latest developments in your field of expertise you need to improve your design knowledge. Here are 5 very simple and cost effective methods that graphic designers can use to improve themselves.

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derivative design concepts are bad

Derivative Design Concepts – Drop it like a Bad Habit

This post educated logo designers about derivative design concepts and logo theft. In order to succeed, designers must avoid this form of theft and come up with their own unique designs for their clients.

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online graphic design project

5 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Graphic Design Project

If you are about to undertake a design project or are participating in an online design contest, there are a few questions that you must have the answers to and a good understanding of.

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