Marketing Tools for Online Visuals

Paid vs. Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Online Visuals

Social media used to be a tool for virtual socializing. Find new friends, connect with the old ones, and share what’s up. Over the years, however, it has become much more than that. Not only do we use social media to check daily news and latest information, but we also use our favorite social media […]

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Serial Entrepreneurs

5 Secrets of Successful Serial Entrepreneurs

What exactly does the term ‘serial entrepreneur’ mean? Is it any different from a typical entrepreneur? To begin with, a serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who comes up with a pool of ideas one after another, unlike a typical one who strives on a single startup venture. Quite apparently, serial entrepreneurs are not very common […]

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Penguin Logos

Penguin Logos Collection to Get Your Happy Feet Dancin’

Did you know that penguins are (probably) the only birds that have their own global holiday? That’s true. According to The Spruce, 25th April of every year is celebrated as the World Penguin Day where all the fans of penguins come together and hail the adorableness of these flightless (but the most accomplished swimmer) birds. […]

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Triangle Logos

35 Triangle Logos Explore The Science Of Shapes In Branding

What’s the vessel that holds it all together? A shape. Thing is, shapes give your logo design a foundation, a basic structure on which to architect your design further. While you’ll see that the majority of logo designs either go for square or round shapes, some brands are brave enough to take on the tricky […]

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Novel Coronavirus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide and the number of cases are increasing by the day. Although this type of Coronavirus that has been named COVID-19 is less deadly than SARS and MERS, people have to precautionary measures before it becomes more devastating than we can handle. At LogoDesignGuru, we feel it is our […]

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas 2020

Mouthwatering Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Draw In More Customers In 2020

Wondering, where are all those people who’ll take a bite of your dishes and fall in love? You don’t just need tasty recipes but mouthwatering restaurant marketing ideas to invite them to take the seat and order away. We understand your concern, so here’s a list of tricks that work. Reach your market and give […]

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