graphic designer lost motovation

How to Find Your Motivation

Graphic design can be hectic and grueling, particularly for freelancers since they are usually involved in multiple design projects at once. Stress can become intense and could impact their creativity and their motivation as well. This can cause trouble for the designer. I’ve got a few tricks to help you find your motivation . Step […]

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Orange Color Web Designs

Color Inspirations: Orange Web Designs

Orange is a playful color that can grab instant attention. It is a strong color that stands out, which can make it all the challenging to use in a web design. The Meaning of Orange Orange is a warm, vibrant color that exudes energy. Businesses whose target audiences are the younger generations generally like to […]

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Photo Editing Android Apps

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Editing is an important part of a designer’s daily work. Whether it’s removing text or photos, graphic designers go through the editing process multiple times a day. Thankfully there are numerous applications and software for them to do just that. You can even download applications to your smartphone to edit on the go. Here are […]

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10 Commandment Banner

10 Commandments for New Logo Designers

Every profession has its own set of rules and graphic design is no different. It is an ever evolving field, however the basics remain the same. We have stressed the importance of following a few essential rules time and time again. New designers (specifically) cannot do without these and avoiding basic rules can lead to […]

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Tricks to Choosing the Right Font

The Tricks to Choosing the Right Font

One question leaves even the most experienced designers puzzled, what font type is the right one? There are hundreds of font types today. New ones are evolving all the time and some traditional ones are still around, being referred to as the ‘go to’ fonts. But the question remains, what font type is the best […]

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Yellow Website Inspirations

Color Inspirations: Yellow Web Designs

Yellow is a warm and happy color. It invokes the feelings of optimism, cheerfulness and even caution. While sparingly used in logos, this color adorns many web designs. Now businesses no longer shy away from using bright colors, they confidently make yellow web designs. Meaning and Usage of Yellow Yellow is a high energy color […]

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