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Going back to school, you need some basic supplies to prep you for an upcoming rigorous session. Same idea here. We were intent to provide a sort of refresher to people searching for basic yet practical SEO knowledge. In this discussion, we have touched upon the goal of foundational SEO and impress upon web masters that it’s not just a game of hide and seek to be played with Search Engines. If you are genuinely fake, there are talented algorithms to call you out. If you work sincerely to become credibility, the search engine would eventually start to rank you in SERPs.

In this chat you will explore what SEO means and how important is it for websites. We were joined by guests and participants with differing stance.

James Bowen

Jade Alberts

Brain Blender

Robert O’Haver

Eadetech Web Design

Casey Nifong

What Are SERPs And Why Are They Such A Big Deal?

SEO is usually used as an umbrella term for various methods to ensure the visibility of a website on search engine results pages. But what happens if your website cannot make it to the top of results page? We will share with you some answers describing why SERPs are a big deal.

What Search Engines Are Looking For And What They’re NOT Looking For?

Search engines have to do a fine job in selecting the ideal candidates for top results. Of course there are a set of attributes that the search engine would check in a website. Some of those attributes are listed by our guests here:

How On-Page Optimization Is Different From Off-Page Optimization?

Not long after various SEO strategies were discussed, people started to make a distinction between on-page and off-page SEO. What is the basic distinction between the two and why was it so important to establish this difference, let’s find out.

How Important Is Keyword Research And Analysis?

When we hear about Search Engine Optimization, the term keyword research and analysis frequently comes up. What is the significance of keyword optimization in terms of modern SEO? We are about to reveal some interesting views on the matter.

What Are Local And International SEO Best Practices?

Are the local SEO practices similar to international ones? Should a web master decide their target in advance, if so then how would that affect their local and international SEO strategies. Here’s a glimpse of some answers in the matter.

How Does Link Building Affect Pagerank?

Link building is a steady process to gain votes from authoritative sites and develop a network. It is a way in which search engines find how the pages are related to each other. Let’s understand how links affect the page rank for the site.

How Is SEO Different Than SEM?

Since both SEO and SEM strategies bring customers to the website, they must be same. That notion is often proven wrong when we take a closer look at the two traffic generation strategies. How do you differentiate the two? Here’s what guruchatters had to say.

What Are The Various Ways To Evaluate And Measure Kpis?

Key performing indicators are a way to assess and analyze the success and/or progress of SEO. You can set goals around certain questions. Is your site generating more leads, higher quality leads, or more sales? What keywords are working? Hence, KPIs are defined before running the campaign. Let’s explore ways to evaluate and measure KPIs.

Recommend Some Handy Tools You Use For SEO.

Webmasters can improve their search results by using various tools to monitor, track and analyze SEO performance. Some of those tools are provided by search engines while there are some free or paid resources that provide customized SEO solutions.

Top SEO Tip You Would Give To Online Business Owners.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of publishing and marketing information that ranks well in search engines. So what will be that crucial information you would like to pass on to online business owners and webmasters. Check out some responses.

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