Building A Bakery Brand Identity From Scratch – Adding The Ingredients Of Design

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How bakery logos can be a delight to your eyes

Design is creativity, given visible form. The marriage of design and content is the only marriage that lasts forever. Well, at least, that’s my opinion – no offence to people who tie the knot. Jokes apart, how can a bakery brand create a perception of quality and reliability? You can create delicious baked goods and the aroma might catch some passers-by. Your skill and passion will get you only so far. However, attracting people from distant places to your doorstep to taste and buy your products is the next, and most important, step.

In order to do this, you need to make an investment – in your bakery brand identity. After all, you don’t want your satisfied customers to forget you. The first thing you will need is yummy bakery logo design. Now, the challenge is to present the brand message in a way that resonates in the minds of your potential prospects, and rises above the clutter of visual branding. Visual branding begins with the basic look and feel.

The look is defined by color, scale, typography, proportion, while the feel is experiential and emotional.

The latter is where your baking skills come into play. Consumers have a habit of relating an experience, good or bad, with imagery. If that is supplemented with a crisp brand image, you will not only be making customers for life but also be triggering the most effective form of marketing: word of mouth. So what are the look and feel basics you should focus on?

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Of course the layout, the skeleton is crucial. If it’s too cluttered, you will run the risk of hiding the message instead of making it prominent.

Color Palettes

The permissible number of colors in a logo are limited to 2 or 3 but the choice for the perfect combination can, on occasion, take ages. For bakery logos, primary and sharp colors should be avoided. Secondary colors and the pastel range are the way to go.


For a perfect image that communicates the right message, and has a lasting impression, all things must be on the table, including colors, fonts, style, content, and focus. This will enable you to use the right imagery. The choices are from photography, iconography, and illustration. For bakery logos, iconography makes the grade more than others.


Two typeface families are ideally incorporated in bakery logos. Usually, slant fonts are seen to be effective. You can also go beyond the existing typefaces, and add your specialty to make the logo captivating.

The idea behind branding efforts is to be known for something unique. It certainly takes time to build recognition but people will eventually see your logo or hear about it from other sources. Once they do, they will start associating it with tasty goods worth buying. There are no hard and fast rules for an approach guaranteed to work. What really matters is a design solution that addresses the problem at hand. If your brand identity has traction, what more can you ask for? Learn more on how your bakery logos can act as sensory magnets.

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