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23 Creative Ways to Create a Brand Position for Your Bakery

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Branding your bakery is like baking a cake, no kidding — you need different layers of awe-inspiring brand stationery followed by an icing of marketing to complete the perfect dessert to present to your target market.

Before positioning your brand, know the following:
• Reason your bakery exists
• Research your customers
• Know competitors’ activities

Your branding and marketing activities play a major role in telling people: a) who you are, b) what you do, and c) what you offer.

Here are some amazing ideas to get you started.

Brand Identity [+]

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How to stand out among the rest? Create a unique face and identity for your business. It gives you a personality and makes it easier for your consumers to recognize you. From your logo to the label on your bakery’s door knob, everything defines your brand’s image. Choose appropriate colors and standardize the palette for all branding items. Use other design elements to assist you in making your bakery’s stationery.

Possibilities are infinite — with all the design tools and programs plus printing techniques, you can be as innovative as you want:

1. Awesome Logo

Hire a professional to design your bakery logo, or you can also design the logo yourself using a DIY logo maker. Use negative space and minimal design principles.

2. Enticing Tagline

Apply the KISS formula: “keep it short and simple”. Use an online slogan maker for ideas only.

3. Visiting Card

Use techniques like die-cut, letterpress, foil printing, lamination, UV printing, typographic to make yours stand out. Alternately, make origami and magnetic cards.

4. Letterhead

From cool to cute, any look can be achieved, but do have one. Use embossing or debossing to emphasize some sections.

5. Pulsating Packaging

Bakeries use wicket bags, micro-perforating and anti-mist coating options, flexographic printing. More ideas are: single-serving tray in a box, boxes becoming plates, printed tin packaging, and pop-up package design.

6. Branded Stickers

Create branded stickers of your bakery shop with customized illustrations, dingbats, and messages etc. Seal paper or plastic packaging with stickers, or personalize stickers to sell or distribute.

7. Branded Attire

Your employees play key role in positioning your brand. Embellish them with your branding stationery.

• Brand’s color palette for aprons
• Customized badges for employees
• Labeled hats and scarves for servers

8. Mascots

Use a person, animal or object to represent your bakery. Make costumes and have someone market your bakery in the shop, on the streets, or in malls.

9. Guiding Map

Design a creative map leading to your bakery. Put this on your website, social media pages, and small-sized billboards. Young (and old) customers will go crazy on them.

Online Presence [+]

Social Media Icons
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Your bakery’s branding and marketing is incomplete in the 21st century if you’re not active on the internet. Even if you’re located in a small town, you can create brand awareness in multiple countries. Millions of people are using the web to connect with people, businesses and brands. Being online is an excellent way to interact with your customers and stakeholders.

10. Inviting Website

Create a responsive web design for your customers with portable devices. Make an easy-to-use yet an impressive user-interface. Give an add-to-cart button.

11. Themed Microsite

Boost interaction with multimedia content. Flaunt your themed food items by creating cross-links between your two sites.

12. Sweet Blogging

Personalize your bakery. Your tone shouldn’t be all about selling. Share baking tips, basic recipes, garnishing and decorating ideas.

13. Engaging Videos

Customized videos will add five stars to your image. On video hosting platforms, you can add links to your website and social media pages.

14. Actively Socialize

Use social media platforms to promote your business, take orders, do networking, get customer feedback, and tell stories, share ideas and images.

Promotion [+]

Bake-shop Cupcakes Display
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The price, deals and discounts depend on the way you decided to position your bakery. Everyone has an eye on promotional offers. During the holiday season, promotions are the best way to entice customers. For example, a good deal in Christmas can be lucrative. You can use these tips:

15. Special loyalty card

Offer bakery cards to your loyal customers for an appealing price, and give them sale discounts, deals and other enchanting offers.

16. Customized bundles

Make bundles using assorted bakery items for people to buy for themselves or as gifts on special occasions.

17. Holiday Discounts

Holiday season and special days are great way to sell-off your items because demand increases and buying habits change.

Marketing [+]

Chocolate Cupcakes
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Use all kinds of media to get your brand across. Spread awareness about your bakery and its products by a creative and strategic marketing plan. Include in your plan ads that are themed for special holidays, or one’s that sell your products all year round. You can be loud with tons of CTAs or subtle. Here are ways to market to your customers by creating interest and desire.

18. Enchanting Story

Entertain and captivate your customers with a brand story that is highly stimulating. Make a storyline, pick characters and get rolling. Learn how to develop an amazing story.

19. Captivating Print Ads

Select food publications to buy an ad space and tantalize audience taste buds. Display food photography or add coupons to excite your customers.

20. Window Dress-up

Dress up store windows in an original way. Bakeries already display sweet and salty items; you could do something unique like themed scenes for special holidays or befitting graffiti on windows and walls.

Outdoor Activities [+]

Branded Attire
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For small businesses, guerrilla marketing is a cost-effective option. You can create different moods and ambiences depending on the way you have positioned your brand. Hire artists and designers to work in collaboration and produce something awe-inspiring. Be smart at this with these tips.

21. Intriguing Hoardings

Suspense urges people to wonder. Use teaser ads or catchy slogans and images.

22. Street Art

What if you saw a giant inflated cupcake on a street? Keep experimenting. Be as creative as you can.

23. Bakery On Wheels

Sell quick eating items like cupcakes, cake slices, pastries, and sandwiches etc. outside parks and schools.
When you are positioning your bakery brand, remember everything needs to be consistent. You have to be original in your planning and execution. Positioning a brand can be an overwhelming task but if you know your strategies, implementation timings, and you’re creative — then everything works out.

Get an inspiring and creative branding for your bakery here.

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