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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday – Forecasts For Marketers This #HolidaySeason

Although Thanksgiving Day marketing for small businesses, the tussle is on as marketers crunch numbers to forecast which day will take the lead in terms of sales. Whether it’s about the feverish behavior of your sales team, or those customers eager to get their  hands on the best offers, there will be a twist to all that this year. Consumer behavior is expected to change with the arrival of new technologies, people will be probably drooling over the same type of products and deals this year, but the offers will be better, smarter and much more exciting than the previous year. We will also see a lot of deals on innovative devices like wearable gadgets.

Some marketers have come up with the craziest ideas for jump starting this years’ Thanksgiving shopping spree. Market researchers claim that the era of super cheap gadgets has begun. They suggest that Black Friday offers will be going as low as $100 to $150 for laptops and desktops. Forecasts say that there will be exciting deals on TVs, gadgets and Cyber Monday specials on most websites. Sales are expected to go through the roof this year.

Although Cyber Monday has historically taken the lead in driving the most sales, Black Friday will not be far behind this year. With exciting offers on gadgets this year, Black Friday is ready to get head to head with Cyber Monday this year.

Last year, these two days accounted for at least 20% percent of all the retail sales that year in the US alone. This metric not only shows the sales euphoria they induce in public, but also signifies the importance of using these days to your advantage. Marketers can target specific population groups through various marketing platforms, so that they can make the most of these days. Online sales are likely to increase on both days, making mobile a popular shopping platform.

In 2014, Cyber Monday’s sales soared to $2.65 billion. While Black Friday’s record breaking sales reached the level of $2.4 billion, just below the mark of Cyber Monday’s exuberant sales. This year, US holiday sales are expected to grow by nearly 6%. Marketers can expect an overwhelming response from their audience and make the most of their campaigns.

Be it social media, or online discounts, consumers will be on the lookout for the best deals around. It remains to be seen whether Black Friday’s leaked ads will work their magic more or Cyber Monday’s electrifying offers will again make their mark this year.

Check out the holiday season forecasts for marketers.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

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