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15 Knockout Botanical Designs For Organic Farm Products

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Organic products are all the rage these days. Whether it is organic cosmetics, organic farm fresh produce or natural farm products, people are increasingly moving towards buying non-chemical, GMO-free, organic things. This is great news for designers –because you can boost the appeal of these products by engaging in unique, creative packaging. In fact, if your organic farm is a home-based business, you have all the more reason to spice it up with some amazing packaging ideas.

A botanical theme is a great idea for organic farm products. You can execute a botanical theme in a variety of ways. For example, your packaging can be botanical inspired by incorporating patterns or illustrations from plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. Another way to design botanical-inspired packaging is to explore vegetal forms in 2D or 3D packaging, for example, you can have an orange juice box shaped like an orange! Similarly, some designers may choose to make it even deeper and design their packaging in an environment-friendly, green material to make it truly ‘organic’ and ‘botanical’. In this article, we will look at some knockout designs that draw inspiration from botanical themes, and package the goodness of these organic items in a fresh and elegant way!

1. Doves Farm Cereal Packaging by Studio h. London

botanical farm cereal packaging
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We love this packaging because it uses an absolutely delightful abstraction of vegetal and botanical patterns. Superimposed with photographic representation and graphic design, the packaging looks professional, well-put-together and absolutely yummy! The dull neutrals attract the attention and keep the viewer focused on the cereal bowl.

2. Dried Herbs Packaging From Pharma Herbs

dried herbs botanical packaging
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Organic, farm-fresh dried herbs are always in demand from the local farms. If you are looking for some ideas for your herb packaging, draw some inspiration from Pharma Herbs who use a splash of color set against a neutral background. The colors are drawn from the colors of the herb flowers themselves. The contrast, along with the vegetal typography, sits in very well with the overall design.

3. Banana Leaf Tote

banana leaf printed packaging
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Fresh fruit and vegetables are one of the biggest organic commodities. While we don’t believe in packaging what nature has already packed in the skin, you can still add some spice to your products by offering exclusive shopping totes to carry the produce. In this example, the designer makes uses of a banana leaf pattern for the shopping bag, and it’s absolutely wonderful! Plus points for someone who can do this with an actual leaf so the bag can be natural and biodegradable too!

4. Gardeniers Olive Oil Packaging

sketchy botanical olive oil packaging
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Gareniers concept packaging makes use of a black and white palette to draw attention to the detailed vegetal drawings on the packaging. It brings to mind the intricacies of the natural life, and connects the viewers from the plant sources that they often forget in this modern age!

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5. Organic Farm Energy Bars Concept Packaging

colorful organic energy bars botanical packaging
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These Gomarco organic energy bars have an absolutely remarkable packaging. Each design draws from the colors and shapes of the ingredients, to form an abstract botanical pattern on the cover. The different shades and colors inside the pattern refer to the many organic ingredients used in the making of the bars. If your farm provides organic, home-made energy bars, this is a really great packaging idea to draw inspiration from. Not only do you emphasize your many ingredients, it also looks good.

6. Organic Tea Concept Packaging

mandala style botanical packaging for tea
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This concept tea packaging arranges the colors, textures, and shapes from the tea ingredients into a beautiful Mandela formation. Set against the white background, the bright colors attract attention. The best part is two packages join together to form a whole Mandela!

7. Organic Honey Packaging

vintage botanical honey packaging
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Honey often comes in typical glass jars. However, here is something different. The cork bottle with its tall, slim frame gives a very different outlook on the packaging. And the simple, intricate botanical drawings of the honey flowers add to the overall appeal of the package –it looks natural, old-school and organic to boot!

8. Chinese Tea Packaging

colorful Chinese tea packaging
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Here is another concept packaging for a Chinese Packaging company. The pyramidal boxes incorporate distinctive botanical, Chinese paintings. The packaging looks sophisticated, exceptional and natural.

9. Porganic Organic Lemonade

organic lemonade botanical bottle
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Farm-fresh organic lemonade! Who doesn’t want that! In this organic lemonade packaging, the designer makes use of a sunny, warm yellow which gives a joyous outlook on the product. The pastel botanical designs on the label add to the sunny-freshness and remind of southern, summery days.

10. Grace Organic Tea

organic tea botanical tins
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The tea in a tin combination never gets old. Not only do these tins keep the tea fresh, they are also recycled in wonderful ways at home. Grace Organic tea makes use of stunning vegetal drawings with a vintage theme, and we really like it!

11. Wild Forest Organic Tea

organic tea botanical packaging
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The Wild Forest Organic tea packaging makes use of organic cardboard which is 100% biodegradable. The tea comes with little chunks of fruits inside and an information card with fine-looking pencil drawings of the fruit, tells of the yummy goodness inside.

12. Te Quiero Tea Concept Packaging

tea packaging design

3d flower botanical packaging for tea
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Te Quiero concept packaging draws from the botanical theme and takes it to a 3D level. The tea comes in a blossom box which opens like a flower and has individual pockets for each tea bag. It looks very stylish!

13. Mushroom Farm Kit Packaging

mushroom cardboard botanical packaging
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Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom farm believes in providing customers with kits which they can use to grow their own organic mushrooms at home. The packaging is all brown, but it is incredible. With a die cut window and 3D mushroom jutting out, the box gives a feeling of the “sprouting” goodness which you can easily bring to your home. It shouts natural and organic with every element!

14. Organic Farm-based Skin Care Packaging

elaborate botanical skincare bottle labels
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Organic Farms often also make their own skin care products. Here is a squeeze bottle packaging with a vintage, floral design that looks very nice. The packaging uses a different botanical pattern for each flavor.

15. Organic Wine Packaging

botanical leaf pouch for wine
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Organic wine is also a hot-selling organic farm product. We love this packaging because instead of the usual brown paper, the bottle is encased in a gorgeous leaf-patterned pouch which looks like a real leaf! The emblem on the package adds to the beauty of the overall design.

These were some knockout examples of organic packaging. Did it give you any new ideas? We would love to hear about it!

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