10 Brand Names Changed into Funny Dialogues

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If logos could have a conversation what would it sound like? Corny, funny, something better left unsaid? Logos are designed to leave you with a brand message of the company, and it’s a small piece of a business and their identity.

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Hidden Messages in 26 Famous LogosHowever, when you look at some company names, you wonder just how they came up with them! These logos make me think some really off-the-wall things. Here are what some brand names are saying (or what I think they say in my mind).

Many of you will think that the things I come up with are better left untampered with but hey, if you have something to say – say it!


Image Source: gucci.com
I don’t know why, but whenever I hear the name Gucci, I smile. Doesn’t it sound like you are playing with kids and squeezing their cheeks?


Image Source: ford.com
Oh yeah indeed it is … However, the statement is definitely something one can afford.


Image Source: google.com
Oh yeah! I’m a Goo-girl- because I Google and I never let it down:


Image Source: ibm.com
Pretty obvious eh?


Image Source: reebok.com
Because I prolonged my holidays:


Image Source: lego.com
Well this is my personal favorite … But I would twist it to, “I can’t let go of my dreams”

And here I present few more interesting ones. Just scroll down to see more funny Logos:


Image Source: sap.com


Image Source: yahoo.com


Image Source: nutella.com


Image Source: ray-ban.com

Can you think of some more? Do share with us!

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