Famous Logos Will Look This Valentine’s Day

Brand Rivals in Love: How Famous Logos Will Look This Valentine’s Day

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Love is easy, right? At least you are not in a place where you hate someone but still need to love them. This Valentine’s Day, we are making brand rivals fall in love. It will be exciting to see how Coca-Cola and Pepsi looked together if they were to sink into each other’s arms.

So how do you get someone who hates you to love you? Now that is a million dollar question, and here is the answer.

How To Turn The Hate Into Love

When you are trying to change how someone feels about you, it is critical you put your ego on the side. Hate is a strong emotion and to convert that into love is challenging. Let’s explore a few ways you can charm them.

1) Just like designers, find the real problem as to why you are being hated. Perhaps the feeling is much complex than you think. Sometimes people are threatened by your perfection or they feel conscious around you who tends to win the conversation every time.

Brand Hate Story: When two perfect beings like BMW and Audi clash, then there are sparks everywhere. Their advertisement billboards are always head-to-head usually on the either sides of a main road. If they were ever to be in love, they’d probably be on the same side of the grass.

BMW Vs Audi Ad war
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2) Reflect on yourself because a clap is not possible with just one hand. There must be something either one of you have done to make the situation worse. Once you know the true sentiment, it is time to look in the mirror and jot down all the unpleasant things. Don’t be a miser in self-criticism.

Brand Hate Story: Apple and Microsoft have been rivals since forever. What if they did spent time being critical about themselves than about each other. You see when you focus too much on others, you often forget what you lack and you end up losing yourself. Something like what was happening to Apple lately.

3) Change your bad habits. You may be surprised to see the number of things that need improvement. Many people say love is unconditional, but that is not true in practical sense. You cannot be a jerk and expect others to still like you. Instead of confrontation, let them notice the transformation.

Brand Hate Story: A weapon of mass destruction is social media. You have seen how celebrity couples end up fighting through tweets, well it’s the same with brands. Guess it will be nice for Burger King to stop trolling McDonalds and try a sweet tweet this Valentine’s.

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4) Show kindness to your so-called foe. Figure out ways to be helpful without having an agenda in your heart. It looks awfully pretentious if you support someone special and then keep on making them realize you have walked an extra mile for them. Sooner or later, they will notice so just be patient.

5) Interact outside a setting in which they began hating you. Sometimes it is necessary to step outside the bubble. Meet them in places where they will enjoy and try to be as welcoming, approachable and delightful as you can be. Take them out of the place or the situation that led them to hate you.

Brand Hate Story: Lyft and Uber are in a race to dominate the ride-hailing market. Two brands with the same service will always hate each other but if they are placed in a different setting or market then it will be interesting to see what happens.

6) Be friendly with their friends. If you are unable to reach them directly, then try to mingle with their friends, colleagues or allies to make everyone around them believe that you are not a villain.

Well these are just a few things you can do to make someone who hates you to fall in love with you. Before you experiment with these Love Guru tips, here is how famous logos of these rival brands will look if they ever decide to show up at the prom together.

When Famous Logos Are in Love

Can you do a better job at making these enemies fall in love?

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