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When Brand Rivals Go Pantone

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Pantone has surprised everyone with the launch of dual shades for 2016. Rose Quartz and Serenity symbolize balance, peace and harmony in a time of chaos and unrest. This is the first time that two shades have been chosen to create the Pantone colors of the year which is a few shades away from our prediction for pantone color of this year. We are taking this opportunity to give a message of peace to brand rivals in the corporate world who have locked horns for years. Most people see brand rivals as competitors. They are in fact the two core drivers of the same market and at times may complement each other. That’s the reason why we’ve paid them a compliment by dressing them in Pantone shades.

Most of you are familiar with these brands. In fact some of them have a history that dates back to a century or more. We can instantly identify their logo no matter in which shades or colors they are displayed in. We use their slogans and hum along to their jingles. The reason why we can connect with them because of their marketing efforts. Kudos to brand power!

However what truly stands out about these brands is their rivalry. Marketing strategies developed on the basis of hard core competition acted as a thruster for brand success. Now what’s perceived as a rivalry is a struggle for survival and to be at the top. Brand rivals usually choose opposite colors to represent their brand identities. It’s this battle of the brand colors which make our living experience colorful and memorable. So what if we dress them up in Pantone shades of peace and serenity? Would their branding have the same effect?

When Brand Rivals Go Pantone

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