#BrandSpotlight on Lenovo – A Powerful Logo Design Impacts Brand Persona

Lenovo has courted innovations at an incredibly accelerated pace in the past decade. It has shown to the world what it means to evolve out of the labor-intensive Chinese economy and dominate the international market of technology that is hostile and unwelcoming. Ladies and gentlemen, this month’s brand spotlight is on Lenovo – a brand that is equipped with the ability to surprise the world with its agile pace at tech innovation.

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In this case study, I intend to highlight the felt need for rebranding at Lenovo. Initially, it was a brand that sold PCs, and that was the center of its strategy. All that changed when the Lenovo was noticed on the international scene as the brand that was active in acquiring new technology and modify its corporate culture accordingly. In the past, whenever Lenovo has undergone a transformation, it has never failed to impress. This has been proven true too when the new and more playful logo was launched this year. Here is a glimpse of the logo launch.

Fascinating isn’t it! It’s amazing how one logo can allow so much room for creativity. Not only will it allow more branding opportunities but represent a face that’s trendy and unconventional. This year Lenovo has seen a major upsurge in its sales which is partly due to some active acquisitions but also because of the changed identity. Despite all the controversies surrounding the logo being inspired from Google’s latest logo design revamp, the brand continues to bask in attention. Critics have it that the letter ‘e’ in Google and Lenovo have a similar angle which cannot be purely co-incidental since the launch time of both the logos have been almost simultaneous. Nevertheless, speculations about the brand’s new identity are fast fading away due to its tremendous fast paced corporate growth.

Download the case study from below to find out how the renewed brand image has affected Lenovo’s brand presence and growth.

BrandSpotlight on Lenovo

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