Deciphering a New Era of Growth: #BrandSpotlight on Google

Google, the world’s “3rd most valuable brand”, is a digital podium that creates a connection between 1.17 billion users and a surplus of information, using a highly-advance and secure method involving custom servers. Found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, as of May 2015, its market value is 367.6 billion dollars.

Google’s popularity lies in an array of internet-related products and services such as advertising solutions, hardware devices, digital socializing platforms, search domain, media sharing web portals, statistical apparatus, desktop and android applications, map and location detection programs, and many more that you will find in this e-book. Thus, the brand has been put into limelight this year because of its innovative and progressive approach.

As you may know, Google has emerged as a versatile brand and only recently disclosed ‘Alphabet’ as its parent company. However, do you know what led them to this decision? Why was there a necessity for an umbrella to house all Google’s practices?

This e-book will help you keep track of Google’s history, evolution, and emerging projects, along with interesting facts.

What’s the “secret” to Google’s success?

But more interestingly, this e-book will cover the company’s success over the years, which comes from within — its organizational structure, efficient and hard-working departments plus cleverly and creatively planned promotional tactics. You will get to know why this winning brand has been a triumph in this relentlessly changing internet landscape.

Why did Google change its brand identity?

Recently, Google has been in the news everywhere in both print and electronic media. With many other alterations, it also changed its logo, yet again. Despite the varying comments from the public, it stands firm by its decisions.

Find out the answers why Google transformed itself; what efforts went into creating a new image that could “fit in” this modern age; what is so special about its new look; and why did it evolve from vintage (serif typeface) to contemporary (sans serif typeface).

What you can learn from Google

Everyone can gain knowledge from this e-book on Google. This e-book provides guidelines for individuals and companies struggling to keep-up with this fast-track world: full of nerve-wrecking competition.

Designers will learn ways to steadily evolve brands; startups will know that dreams can come true; and small businesses will realize that size is not their weakness but their strength to strive and move forward. Sky is the limit!

Your knowledge will be fueled with marketing strategies, design aesthetics and core responsibilities that are essential for any business to survive.

Moreover, it will widen your horizon and instill new meanings to why and how Google is, what it is. It not only describes the process behind Google’s inception, but also highlights the key turning points that made this brand an example of success for everyone.

Have instant access to great facts about and tips from the ultimate GURU of internet, Google. Download this FREE e-book now!

#BrandSpotlight on Google

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