Brand Trivia

Brand Trivia – How Well Do you Recognize British Brands?

A business entity sends out a powerful brand message with its name, logo & design, and customer service. Incidentally these are the touch points of a brand with which it is remembered among the masses. We have seen how British marketing designs are different from the US. How their choice of fonts, color coordination and even alignment pattern varies. In this post we will be focusing on some of the famous UK brands that are popular locally but their international recognition is doubtful.

Is it because the British brands are concerned about their internal presence only? Maybe they are just too focused on the internal market to explore international avenues. To the test the theory, we will do a small quiz that will ask you about various brands that you think are British. Ask your friends and peers to join in. This is a non-official social experiment to test some core ideas such as brand reception, visual impact and brand popularity.

All the brand fanatics and design geeks, we have a challenge for you!
British brands are among the easily forgotten brands. Prove us wrong by scoring high in this quiz. If we get an average score of 90, we will certainly change our thoughts. But for that at least 150 respondents have to take this quiz.

Are you ready?

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