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Branding Is Visual in 2019 – This Is How You Grab Attention with Your Logo Design

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When meeting someone for the first time, there is a not-so-fine line between being attractive and screaming for attention. Usually, this depends on how interesting and spotless your first impression is. It’s the same with brand identity.

Create The Best Logo For Your Brand

First, be aware you need to invest in visual identity, this is essential if you want people to remember your brand. Visual information travels really fast from the retina to different areas of the brain and to the temporal lobe, which is responsible for visual perception.

Grab the attention you need focusing on these branding objectives from the very beginning of the process, you might want to engage a logo designer get the perfect logo for your business.

Stick To The Basics In Color Theory

Besides picking a good design that suits your brand the best, you must recognize the value of a given color. Design specialists have identified a certain color scheme affects people mentally and physically; it also sets a mood, attracts attention, or makes a bold statement.

If you’re not too familiar with these standards, the color wheel is always a safe, effective method when making your first choices. Additionally, it helps to choose the right colors considering your brand’s industry. Some hues work best depending on your kind of business. For example, red is often used by food brands because it stimulates hunger, while blue is related to wellness and health, orange and yellow for optimism, and green is associated with vitality and nature.

Psychology of color
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Though they are somewhat flexible, these rules will make it easier to set graphic guidelines for what you’re aiming for. Also, if you need guidance, know that you can explore available and easy to use options with logo design tools.

Less Isn’t More… It’s Better

Did you know the human brain recognizes certain categories of objects as fast as 100 milliseconds? Well, this is why it’s so important to keep it simple while sketching; this is the actual key on how to design a logo.

Start by choosing the right shape for your logo since it has a specific impact on consumers. For instance, when pointing out a product is comfortable, you should go for a circular shape, whereas to suggest durability, an angular, sharp logo works best.

After you decide the shape, try to keep it minimal. Visual elements need to be simple and, if possible, monochromatic. Have very few elements and lots of negative space.

Avoid the major mistake of design overload, keep in mind that a good logo should focus on a simple message a brand needs to deliver effectively.

Invest in Emotional Branding

There is a reason why love at first sight between two people is still relevant after centuries of humankind’s history: it does happen. When it comes to brands, there’s not much difference.

Every element that constitutes branding has the potential to light the spark of love between your brand and consumers, you just need to be precise on how to tell your story and make the world fall in love with what you’re selling. Try a slideshow maker tell the story about your great business.

Psychology to Guide

Make emotional branding pay off, there are many ways to grow your brand using this strategy, just work on specific emotions, narratives and bonds you want to create.

After spending time and money on branding, you want to be noticed. When it comes to a new business, do it right from the beginning and grab the attention your brand needs to succeed without overdoing it.

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