Brands That Are Rocking It on Twitter Chats

Are you confident that you are connected to your Twitter followers? Well here’s a news for you. More than 50% of your followers are not even relevant. Brands that fail to create realistic engagement with their followers are easily ignored on Twitter. Most smart brands are now aware that the ruling currency for this platform is Twitter chats. Today we will share with you how some brands are rocking it with these chats and how you can do it too.


SEMrush is a must-attend for people and brands who would like to add to their knowledge of SEO and conversions. #SEMrushchat ) hosted by Olga Andrienko and SEMRush have gained massive followers who genuinely wait every week for the chat session to start at GMT. We will leave it at that because you have to join it to believe it.

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Buffer hosts a chat ever Wednesday between 12 – 1 pm EST that engages people who are interested in topics like online communication, brand building and content marketing. Sometimes, guests specializing in different aspects of digital marketing are invited to the chat to share their experiences as well. There was also a chat session where the participants became the moderators of the chat. It is one of the most active and fun brands in hosting chats.

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Cloud Peeps

Cloud Peeps is another brand that understands the power of Twitter chats for engaging online communities. They bring together the brains to converse with special guests in a chat that goes by an unusually comic name, #peepchat . I can bet their session on personal branding is what the participants will remember.

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Meltwater is a new entry in the list of professional chat hosts. They host chat sessions by the hashtag #marketingminds and it goes live every Friday. They have covered various topics on SEO and SEM strategies and their special rollout in the end of the chat for the participants is a great way to engage with followers.

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Coschedule is the drag-and-drop marketing calendar – a much needed tool for marketers who need to plan ahead and save time. Now the chat they host goes by the name #cochat which goes live every Thursday at 4pm EST. it’s amazing how CoSchedule connects with content marketers and bloggers and at the same time provides them an opportunity to discuss different aspects of content curation.

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The famous content scheduler Hootsuite that started active chat sessions a mere six months ago. However, the number of contributors and participants will tell you otherwise. #HootChat is hosted on Thursdays at 12PM PST where they cover exciting topics like influencer marketing, social media and content marketing.

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Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is an emerging brand that seems to have an active brand persona. They host #AtomicChat every Monday 9pm EST. The best part about this chat is that content marketers at any stage of their career can both contribute to and benefit from their chat session.

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Sprout Social

Sprout social conducts #SproutChat every Wednesday from 2-3 pm CDT and that one hour will give you an adrenaline rush. Once you attend the chat session, you will be waiting for it till the next week. It covers topics on effective social media marketing strategies and how they can benefit your organization.

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LinkedIn started off as a portal connecting job seekers and employers but now it has outgrown people’s expectations after acquiring After Pulse became mainstream, more marketers are interested to learn about the content marketing prospects of this platform. Well, #Linkedinchat is your chance to get deep insights.

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Startup Canada

It has proved to be a platform for startups or entrepreneurs who need advice at any stage of their business. The team of Startup Canada also comprises of entrepreneurs who are part of the Canadian startup community. They are actively engaging startups on twitter chats on 12- 1 pm ET Wednesdays and Fridays every week that goes by the name #StartupChats hosted by Edwin.

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So, did you see how the online community is all excited about Twitter chats? We have listed the brands that have done a great job in connecting the online community. However, besides providing value to the participants, it also enables the brand to build credibility. If you are an emerging business owner and thinking of engaging with your community, these are the chats you should follow.

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