10 traits of English designers you didn’t know

10 Traits of English Designers You Didn’t Know

Just like a job affects our life’s routine, the choice of career also has certain influences on our lifestyle, thought process and the way we interact. Designers are no exceptions to this rule. Today we will embark on a journey to explore the mindsets of British designers and what drives their creative powers.

  1. Verbose expression: they over-spill design ideas for some reason — just don’t know how to keep it brief. They will always have a narrative and their storytelling is empowering. They can use one canvas to tell multiple stories.
  2. Flexible and stubborn: one might wonder that the two traits cannot go together, but English designers contradict this. They not only cling to their ideas but have the power to get them implemented. They possess the needed tenacity to collaborate, which makes them good design thinkers. Hence it won’t be wrong if I say that they are stubborn and flexible in equal measures.
  3. Excellent listeners: you can never tell them that they heard something wrong. They will easily reiterate what you said and prove it with reasonable logic. Mark my words, it’s not easy to mess with them on their listening skills.
  4. Finicky researchers: research is the core of all that the British do. In terms of design, they initially sketch-out ideas and brainstorm. They use references from both print and digital media; the society; the current trends; and the competitions.
  5. Problem solvers: from childhood, they are taught techniques to analyze visual, audio and written material. British Designers are active thinkers. They will put all their efforts to find solutions to problems, sometimes too much effort.
  6. Tech-savvy: they know all the up-to-the-minute trends, technologies and programs. They have access to a plethora of advanced tools to aid them in design planning and execution.
  7. Prudent advisors: they are not biased (depends) and will strive to give sensible advice to their clientele. They will scrutinize the issue and after thorough exploration, give you a valuable advice.
  8. Prompt action takers: time is everything! British designers are quick in getting on with their work. They don’t haste the process but they keep their word.
  9. Hardcore organizers: if you want to learn how to “keep things right”, learn it from a British designer. They like to keep all the steps of design process in order. However, during the research bit, things do get a little messy and crowded.
  10. Party animals: although they are very serious during work, some love partying (how much time do they even get to do that). Due to their hectic working hours and curiosity in their project, they have limited time to enjoy life. Nonetheless, a few manage to balance their life.

Investigating customer personas is not something unheard of, but in this infographic we have investigated the personality profile of English designers. This is an attempt to make clients empathize with designers and understand their logic. They are problem solvers but also finicky researchers so give them the time they need. Also connect with what a generic personality profile of a designer look like.

10 traits of English designers you didn’t know

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