Californian VC goals made smarter through Visual Content Marketing

Californian VC Goals Made Smarter Through Visual Content Marketing

Content marketing is no more limited to imagery promotions on social media platforms. It has become big enough to create brand differentiation. You will see brands promoting their content through creative online campaigns that include graphical illustrations, infographics, Slideshare supported decks, caricatures, animation, and videos. This not only helps in brand recognition, but maximum user retention.

Contemporary Visual Marketing in Financial Firms

Initially, financial services in US resisted the contemporary inbound marketing trend. However, today you will see these companies actively adapting to the constantly changing and emerging visual marketing drifts. Contrariwise, venture capital firms in US still resist following visual marketing tactics for gauging optimum audience response.

Visual Content Marketing for Venture Capital Firms

In order to promote homogenous products with a distinct brand mark, it is crucial for VCs to get a grip over visual content marketing. You will see those venture capital firms in California, which adapted to the trend, are enjoying and celebrating brand recognition today. These are the top ranked VCs Iā€™m talking about, who are actually making a difference through visual marketing tactics.

It is interesting to note that around 40% of the venture capital deals in the U.S. take place in California. I thought of digging into the content marketing tactics of these firms and look how they are making brand differentiation with visual marketing.

This infographic investigates the visual content marketing of top 11 venture capital firms in California. See how they have made their brands smarter through visuals.

Californian Venture Capitals Visual Marketing

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