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Can Apple News App Survive A Data Driven World?

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Known as the most sophisticated tech and design company with one-of-a-kind products, it’s hard to imagine that Apple could get away with an inept news app that gives no power to the publishers to track their audiences.

While the world is spurring with ideas about being able to read big data, Apple haven’t got a clue about the simplest form of data that revolves around readership, viewership, and interaction.

Mind you Apple, this world is all about data! Collecting, visualizing, reading, storing, and sharing insights — an excuse as petty as “we don’t know what the right number is. We’re in the process of fixing that, but our numbers are lower than reality”, is surely a mind-boggling statement coming from Vice President Eddy Cue.

This is a time when I feel like saying, “Seriously?” It has been five months, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, since the app released. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple confirmed that 40 million users have tried their news app after their iOS 9 launch. However, the company is unable to provide publishers with the essential user insights: how many people are using the app and reading the news.

Insight Is Crucial

Knowing about your readers is essential for publishers, as such data helps them evaluate the following:

  • demographics of people reading the news app
  • time readers are most or least active on the platform
  • worth of publishing platform to disseminate content
  • average session time spent on a news story or on the app
  • number of people who visit the application everyday

This and much more can be detected and analyzed from customer insight. This information isn’t simply a way to record success, but also to assess the reading habits of users. If your app also lacks this data, it’s time to do something about it and quick.

So what if the well-known company is clueless, the least they can do is guesstimate what people think about the app via social media.

Users’ Opinions on Apple News App

From the day the app released in 2015, people have mixed views. On the one hand, users feel that this app is among the best features of the “ninth release of the iOS mobile operating system”.

And readers feel that the app helps keep them up-to-date about local news.

On the other hand, people look at this capability of the app differently.

Some are even questioning the type of news they’re receiving.

As far as the design bit is concerned, a fellow or two seem to really dig it but all in all, the future of this app surviving 2016 is unsteady. If Apple is able to fix all the bugs on the publishers’ and the users’ end then there might be a future. Otherwise in a ‘data driven’ world an app without essential insights is pretty much hopeless and useless.

What do you think about the Apple News app? Share your views with us.

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