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Mad Scientist At Work – Can YInMn Blue Change The Meaning Of Famous Logos?

Was this a result of a chemical reaction or a planned strategy to what people call a “discovery” of yet another blue?

So as a logo design company, we’re always experimenting like mad scientists. We wondered what can we do with this striking blue.


Oh, yes! Let’s see what happens to (blue) logos of famous brands when we strip their original color and retouch them with YInMn.

But before you see the results know that the shades and tints of a color can change the meaning of a logo.

Why is the blue of Facebook different from the blue of Twitter? Both are social media websites. They could be ditto, but they aren’t.

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This is because within the spectrum of blue, there are is a range of values. There is Egyptian blue, Royal blue, Indigo, Tiffany blue, green-blue, violet-blue, baby blue, this and that blue. Phew. Each brand existing in this world uses a unique blue.

Types of Blues
If you visit color scheme sites, like Adobe Kuler or Paletton, you’ll know that there are a gazillion versions of blue. Now we’ve got YInMn blue!

The Background Story

Chemists at the Oregon State University, headed by Mas Subramanian, were striving to find materials with magnetic properties. One day, they mixed manganese oxide with some other chemicals and heat it to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The test run failed.


Something unusual happened (as they say).

The residue of this experiment was a vibrant blue powder. The color was unlike any other. So they labeled named it YInMn after the elements it was made from

  • Yttrium
  • Indium
  • Manganese

As Huffington highlights, this intense color has an “unusual crystal structure, known to chemists as trigonal bipyramidal coordination”. Note that this incident happened in 2009, and last year the scientists published this discovery in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

So now, you know.

Psychology Of Colors

Colors have the power to change the meaning of a logo design. Each color affects your brand in a different way. Just as movie directors know which hero to cast, logo designers also know which color is the best fit for a brand’s logo. Some, however, fail to select the perfect color. Thus, it is important to understand the way colors influence your brand image.

Even the slightest alteration in a color can have an impact on a brand. The story that a pure hue says isn’t the same as its shade or tint would say.

Is This Blue Not That Blue?

If you’re a graphic designer, artist or anyone from the creative field you’ll know that each color has its variations. You can identify them by tint, tone or shade.

Mini Color Guide
However, this is just the basic. If you add varying amounts of violet and green, then blue will change.

All the types of blues have a unique effect on the brand and its image.

The psychology of colors isn’t simply telling that a yellow has a different impact on a brand than blue. If you study the subject in detail, you’ll know that every ‘kind’ of blue that exists in the world is not the same.

Mini Color Guide
Even a slightest modification in a blue can change the meaning, appearance and impact of a logo design.

YInMn Blue Change The Meaning Of Popular Logos
You decide and let us know in the comments below.

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