Shigeo Fukuda – The Secret Recipe To Become A Poster Design Master

Feature Image Source: Shigeo Fukuda “There is no secret ingredient.”  Mr. Ping from Kung Fu Panda Yes, but there is a secret recipe! It is not the ingredient you use that makes you stand out among the rest, but the techniques and the process you choose to make your creations. For example every artist may […]

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icon design

#DesignerSpotlight Susan Kare – How to Become an Expert Iconographer

How many icons do you see in a day? Perhaps, it’s hard to keep a count because… We come across millions of these mini visual delights that make our understanding of the digital world stress-free. Without icons, it would be a dread to only see text all the time. The beauty of an icon is […]

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#DesignerSpotlight – Learn How A Brand Is Made From Walter Landor

Landor, originally from Germany, grew up during a time when Werkbund and Bauhaus movements influenced the design world. After graduating from Goldsmiths University of London, the young and aspiring designer helped found Industrial Design Partnership, a design consultancy firm. In 1939 he visited the United States to attend a design fair in New York. In […]

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