Millennial Moms

Marketing To Millennial Moms With Unpredictable Shopping Behavior

Feature Image Source: Technology has been a game changer for millennial moms and it has affected their shopping behavior on a wide scale. They are quick to adapt to new technology changes and keep up with the latest trends when smart phones and portable devices are at their disposal. Now a millennial mom comprises […]

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fintech branding tax

Digging For The Truth: Does Tax Impact A Fintech’s Brand Design Budget?

Feature Image Source: I do realize companies contemplate on costs and taxes before setting a budget for their logo, brand stationery and promotional designs – and this is a plausible way to strategize the allocation of their resources. Nevertheless you mustn’t shun the idea to brand your Fintech business only because design services and […]

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Why Visitors Drop Off At Each Stage Of The Digital Marketing Process In The RACE Strategy?

Feature Image Source:Freepik In the practical world, there is no silver bullet or iron cladded marketing plan or framework that can be applied to every organization. However every business is looking for opportunities to convert their prospects into leads and eventually into sales. The final conversion is effective after a series of lead nurturing strategies. […]

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visual social media

Badass Visual Thumbstoppers For Your Social Media In 2017

Feature Image Source: Jane_Kelly Wondering how many times we’ll discuss visual strategies for social platforms? According to Statista, there’ll be 2.67 billion social media users worldwide in 2018 and this number will increase by 10% in 2020. So quit beating the drum for La La Land and Juju on this beat. Social Media In 2017 […]

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Digital Marketing

Hyper Realistic Digital Marketing Trends For 2017 To Engage Your Customers

Feature Image Source: Freepik What’ll happen if your two worlds merge? When Pokémon Go app launched, everyone went bonkers over augmented reality. It was outa’ this world to hunt down the characters on PokéStops and Pokémon gyms with your smartphones on your home town streets via satellite imaging. Over 7 million people downloaded the app […]

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holiday micromoments

20 Ways To Supercharge Your Micro Moments with Holiday Shopper

Image Source: Are you super excited for yet another biggest holiday of the year? Yes, I’m talking about Christmas – the snow, the delicious deserts, loads of presents and increased sales for e-commerce businesses. But wait a minute, you can’t boost your sales for digital buyers unless you supercharge your holiday micro moments. This […]

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